myVGBC Podcast • Ep 14 • Patrick Ewing (Neo Cab)

Here’s the latest episode of the Podcast Episode 14 with Patrick Ewing from Chance Agency (developers of Neo Cab). In the latest episode of the podcast I got to chat with Patrick about his favorite games and dream projects, working for Twitter and Netflix, and sharing his name with an NBA Superstar.

Patrick has worked as an engineer, narrative and game designer on multiple projects including Firewatch and Neo Cab. Even though he started his career in those bigger companies, he has always loved games from a young age and that’s why he was able to pursue his dream of working on video games.

We talked about some of the creative choices in Neo Cab and how the game was very different from what I had expected. There were many interesting choices, including the creation of the Feelgrid technology, which you can learn a little more about in the short video below:

What is a Feelgrid? (a video from the Neo Cab team)

I really enjoyed talking to Patrick. He was a great guest and I especially enjoyed how he answered some questions and immediately asked me how I felt about the same topic. We also connected as two dudes who grew up Nintendo kids on the NES and SNES.

You can watch the video podcast below:

myVGBC Podcast • Episode 14 • Patrick Ewing (Neo Cab)

Neo Cab is available now on Nintendo Switch, Apple Arcade and Steam. You can find Patrick on Twitter as @hoverbird.

A Short Podcast Update

Next week, I will try to release my last episode of “Season 1” of the Podcast. I’m looking forward to a fresh start in 2022, where the podcast will still feature game dev interviews, but I’m also hoping to branch out a bit more. I already have a few special guests and ideas in the works.

To everyone who has listened to an episode of the podcast, thank you and I can’t wait to bring you more in 2022.

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