Star Wars Squadrons: Best Art Direction

I’m not giving out any awards for games in 2020, but I do want to talk about one specific game and one category that it should win in every video game awards show this year. The game is Star Wars: Squadrons. It’s a small Star Wars game that consists of starfighter missions and online squad battles (I call it a “small game” when compared to … Continue reading Star Wars Squadrons: Best Art Direction

I Beat Fortnite… (Multiple Times!)

MY FORTNITE HISTORY: I’ve given Fortnite many chances since its initial release a few years ago, but never got too excited about it. Something just never felt quite right. I have downloaded and deleted Fortnite countless times on both my Nintendo Switch and PS4 (I may have even tried it out on my iPhone, at least once). Fortnite is and has been one of the … Continue reading I Beat Fortnite… (Multiple Times!)