Ghost of Tsushima Highlights

The first game I played on my PS4 was Infamous: Second Son (a Sucker Punch Productions game), and now at the end of my PS4’s life cycle I’m playing Ghost of Tsushima (another Sucker Punch Productions game). While playing through Ghost of Tsushima I haven’t really triggered any Infamous: Second Son memories.

Many times, while playing a new game you may think back on older titles by the same studio, whether it’s a familiar mechanic, Easter egg or just some small memory of the game. That isn’t necessarily a bad thing. I mean Insomniac was probably given the opportunity to make a Spider-Man game because of Sunset Overdrive. I never played Sunset Overdrive, but the traversal mechanics look close to Spider-Man. Climbing up mountains in Ghost of Tsushima does bring back some Uncharted vibes.

I plan to write a longer post on Ghost of Tsushima once I’m done with the story (I’m currently somewhere in Act II). I have been taking notes. I don’t wish to write a review of the game (it’s too late for that). I want to share my main takeaways from the game. Some cool stuff I found. What stood out. Some highlights. I’ve been taking notes while playing Ghost of Tsushima.

That article is still pretty far out, so for now I just wanted to share some battle highlights here. Here are two recent battles I had in Ghost of Tsushima. One in regular mode (color) and the other in Kurosawa mode (Samurai B&W). Please enjoy.

(Spoiler Warning! If you haven’t played Ghost of Tsushima I don’t think these duels are necessarily spoilers to the story. They will give you some good insight into the duel battles, although not all fights work this way. Duels are special one-on-one battles where you don’t get to use your extra weapons, just your blade.)

Duel of the Demons (Color) – An early duel in Ghost of Tsushima
Duel among the Spider Lillies (Kurosawa B&W) – Another duel from Ghost of Tsushima

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