Couch Gaming Positions

My girlfriend likes to go to sleep early and wake up early. I like to go to sleep late and attempt to wake up early. However, sometimes I go to sleep late and wake up pretty late (mostly on the weekends).

I used to set my alarm extra early to get some writing and creativity in before work. My nights with nothing to do were spent gaming since I had nothing else going on. Since the pandemic began (and forgetting how to use an alarm clock), I’ve been pushing my creative hours late into the night, along with my gaming sessions.

Most nights, I try to get some gaming and creativity in before bed. I used to just sit in my comfy chair and play games from dinner until after midnight, while eating ice cream and snacks. I have now adjusted my late night gaming sessions for having someone I love lay on me while I play games before bed.

I’ve been trying to figure out the best possible position for gaming while your girlfriend, boyfriend, spouse or significant other wants to stay with you on the couch. It’s not just about finding the most comfortable position for me and my girlfriend. I also have to find a safe position where I won’t accidentally hit her with a controller in the face.

Here are a few of the couch positions I’ve tried, with some pros and cons below.

1. Head on lap

This may be the most natural position for most couples. I usually have a pillow on my lap where my girlfriend lays her head. It’s pretty comfortable for both of us, except for anytime I have to get up. I end up having to lift her head gently to sneak out, which sometimes ends in waking her up. It’s also a dangerous position when my controller is making sounds (like NBA2K’s buzzers) or if it’s vibrating extremely loud (like Fortnite on Switch).

2. Head on lap, sideways

This is much like the first position, except instead of having both feet on the ground, you have one leg behind and one in front. It’s more comfortable than the first position, until your leg falls asleep from the pressure. This position isn’t always great on the neck either. When your body is facing sideways and you end up turning your head towards the TV you may wake up with neck pains the next day. It also is almost impossible to get up from without waking up your significant other. If you have to pause for a pee break good luck to you.

3. Legs on lap, mid

Having your partner’s legs over your lap is always a good position to be in. For one, you don’t have to worry about jerking their head around with any slight movement. You can also hold your controller over their legs without having to do too much of an arm workout. It’s also much easier to move their legs up and down quickly to get in and out of this position without waking them up. If your TV is lined up with the middle of the couch, this is also a way better view.

4. Sitting forward, legs behind

This position is just like the one before, but now you’re sitting in front of your significant other. You can freely get up and come back, as long as they don’t move their legs forward while you’re gone to take your spot. It may be a bit straining on the back after a long period of time, mainly because you can’t use the couch’s backrest for support. You can also hold your controller however you feel comfortable without having anyone else’s body parts in your way.

5. Feet on lap

This may be the least intrusive position for gaming. It’s also nice that your partner will get to rest their feet on your lap. This is another one that’s simple to get up and return to. It’s easy to move around, you can even adjust their feet without them waking up (usually). You won’t be center with your TV if it’s lined up to the center of the couch, but that’s only really needed for hardcore gaming sessions.

6. Floor sitting, no touching

The good thing about this position is that everyone has their own space. Hopefully you have some kind of floor cushion to sit on. This is never really a starting position for gaming. This is more like an end of the night position after getting up to go to the bathroom or feed the cat. Luckily, my girlfriend bought some comfy meditation floor cushions that are great for just this. We also have an L-shaped couch, so I usually just end up at the short edge of the L after getting up a few times.

I don’t think there is one true position that always works for anyone. Many nights consist of a mixture of a few of these, mainly because I end up getting up and returning, trying not to wake up my girlfriend. Certain positions may work better for different types of games. I do enjoy being centered with the TV for certain games where I have to focus more on what’s on screen, such as Star Wars: Squadrons, Ghost of Tsushima and Gran Turismo: Sport. While other less intense games are fine with a side view, such as Animal Crossing, Picross and Fortnite.

There is no correct answer here. I’m just sharing some of the positions I’ve tried or even ended up in recently. Please share your own positions, tips, tricks, hacks and so on below.

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