Trash Sailors Pre-Review

*I’m calling this the Trash Sailors pre-review, because yes I did get to play a bit of Trash Sailors (and the demo earlier this year), but I would like to hold off on a full review until the game is released on consoles in 2022.

Trash Sailors Gameplay • Level 1

Trash Sailors released on PC last week, and it will be coming to consoles some time in 2022. I wasn’t able to get the full cooperative experience, but I will talk about what I enjoyed and why I’m excited for Trash Sailors to come to consoles some time next year — hopefully early in 2022. First off, Trash Sailors was made to be played with others. It does feature local and online co-op modes, but I feel this game was mostly created to be played in-person with friends on the couch — and that is why I can’t wait to play it on console.

Although I only got to spend a short amount of time with Trash Sailors last week, I had already spent a few hours with the demo earlier in the year. My first impressions after seeing some Trash Sailors gameplay was, “Oh great, this could be our new Overcooked-type game!” Overcooked 1 & 2 were the games that got my girlfriend into playing video games with me during the pandemic, and I have been looking for our next Overcooked-like game to play.

It’s not an exact Overcooked clone, but that’s not what I want. We’ll get Overcooked 3 when we get Overcooked 3. For now, I have been searching for a game with the same spirit and type of co-op experience for us to play together. We also had a blast playing It Takes Two earlier this year.

Will Trash Sailors be the Overcooked-like game we’ve been searching for?

What is it?

Trash Sailors is a cooperative sailing adventure for up to four players, and I would say it might work best with a full crew of four. In order to keep your raft moving, you will need to fish out the proper objects from the ocean around you and throw them into the furnace to create more fuel. Your raft also takes damage and will need to be repaired, repeatedly. It’s also important to have a captain guiding the raft.

Due to all of these necessary tasks, the game works best with more shipmates. With up to four players you can have a captain, a couple of fishermen and someone working on repairs — someone may even need to defend the raft from enemies boarding in some levels.

Trash Sailors allows for online cooperative play, but I had trouble connecting to a match (pre-release). Plus, I would rather play a game like this with real friends, in person. The game did mention the ability to play with friends online with only one person owning the game — which is a pretty neat feature.

What’s good?

I really love the art style of Trash Sailors. It has a sort of grungy, old school shooting gallery look to it. It’s like the whole game is made of homemade, hand-painted cardboard cutouts. It also reminds me of the Don’t Starve art style in some ways.

The gameplay mechanics are also easy to learn, making this a great game to play with a non-gamer friend, family member or significant other.

I also enjoy the map design, which is very much like Overcooked. You drive around in your vehicle from level to level.

What’s next?

Honestly, I just really want this game on the Nintendo Switch so I could play some couch co-op. That’s my only complaint right now, although I’m sure it will be released soon.

If you are a PC gamer looking for a game to play with friends, then I definitely recommend Trash Sailors.

And for the future I will recommend it to console gamers when it makes its way to consoles sometime next year.

Trash Sailors is out now for PC (via Steam and Epic Games Store), and is coming to consoles (Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo Switch) in 2022.

*Check @myVGBC on Twitter later today for a chance to win some game codes provided by the publisher.

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