Nintendo Indie World Showcase 12.15.21

Yesterday, we were treated to another Nintendo Indie World Showcase. It wasn’t until Tuesday, the day before that Nintendo warned us of this new showcase dropping in less than 24 hours. This showcase was a short one at just under 25 minutes and we did get a mix of some new announcements and some updates on previous ones. As with any Indie World Showcase we only received Nintendo Switch Indie announcements.

I do like that Nintendo, Xbox and PlayStation have all found ways to showcase new Indies coming to their lineup — whether they’re exclusive or not. I love my big AAA games, but it’s also nice to show the latest Indie games some love too. Over the past few years, I’ve become obsessed with just as many smaller indie titles as big AAA titles, possibly even more.

What did Nintendo show us during the showcase?


Sea of Stars • Nintendo Switch Announcement Trailer

Sea of Stars is a retro-inspired turn-based RPG. Even though it’s from the creators of The Messenger it shares nothing with that game other than the retro style graphics. The cool thing is that Sea of Stars story will take place in the same universe as The Messenger as a prequel story. Still, if you haven’t played The Messenger, you don’t have to.

The game will feature music composed by Yasunori Mitsuda, who is a well-known RPG composer. He’s worked on previous games like Chrono Trigger, Chronograph Cross and the Xenoblade series.

What has me very excited for this game is the art style. It features a classic pixel art style, but also mixes in the art techniques of today. We still have about a year before Sea of Stars is released, but I guess that may give me some more time to finish (or restart) The Messenger and get more familiar with the story.

Sea of Stars launches on the Nintendo Switch Holiday 2022.


Aliisha: The Oblivion of the Twin Goddesses • Nintendo Switch Launch Trailer

Aliisha: The Oblivion of the Twin Goddesses seems like a fun, new puzzle adventure game. The cool thing about this game is that you will play as two twin sisters, and the game will play differently depending on whether you are playing in docked or handheld mode.

It’s always exciting when a game comes along and tests the limits (and specific features) of a console. In Aliisha: The Oblivion of the Twin Goddesses you will spend your time searching an abandoned temple and solving puzzles together.

Aliisha: The Oblivion of the Twin Goddesses will be available Spring 2022 (as a Nintendo Switch console exclusive).


Loco Motive • Nintendo Switch Announcement Trailer

I’m totally “on board” with Loco Motive. The story takes place on a deadly 1920s murder mystery express train. This is a murder, point and click adventure story game and the story seems very reminiscent of stories like Murder on the Orient Express and other train murder mysteries.

Loco Motive features a single player story, where you play as multiple characters to uncover this mystery. The game also has a fully voiced cast of characters. I’m also a big fan of the art style, there are so many pixel art games, but they somehow all have their own distinct and unique style.

Loco Motive is coming to Nintendo Switch in the Summer of 2022.


After Love EP • Nintendo Switch Announcement Trailer

After Love EP is a story of love and loss, set in the style of Japanese Manga. The game features chill indie music and is made by the creator of Coffee Talk and What Comes After — two story-driven visual novel type games.

You play as a young musician who is trying to compose new music after his girlfriend just passed away. The game is all about learning how to make new friends and love again in these sad times. It’s a narrative-driven adventure, that features some rhythm music games and exploration.

After Love EP will be available on the Nintendo Switch in Summer 2022.


Dungeon Munchies – Nintendo Switch Launch Trailer

Before the trailer revealed the name Dungeon Munchies, I had already named this game Mosquito Boy in Hell. Dungeon Munchies is a pixel art, 2D side-scrolling adventure platformer, where you hunt down monsters. After killing monsters you can use their “parts” to create recipes and eat them for different effects and power ups.

You are dead now and must escape this underground dungeon. I really like the art style of this game and music, but what I’m mostly interested in is the cooking and recipes. Cooking and guessing recipes was always one of my favorite parts of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

Also, Dungeon Munchies is out on the Nintendo eShop right now!


Figment 2: Creed Valley – Nintendo Switch Announcement Trailer

I haven’t played the first Figment, but this trailer makes me want to check it out. Figment 2: Creed Valley is a musical puzzle adventure, where you make your way through this magical world filled with colorful creatures and mysterious puzzles.

You can play on your own (solo) or with a friend (local co-op) and work together to solve puzzles and defeat musical bosses. I really like the music from the trailer it’s full of beautiful instruments, but also chaotic sounds.

Figment 2: Creed Valley arrives on the Nintendo Switch in February 2022. There’s also a free playable demo available now.


Let’s Play! Oink Games – Nintendo Switch Announcement Trailer

Let’s Play! Oink Games seems like a fun collection for lovers of classic card and board games. It features over 30 titles from the popular board game brand Oink Games, and more games will be added through future updates.

Bringing these real life board games to a digital platform reminds me of games like Mario Party and WarioWare, but with bigger, more recognizable games. Now you have the chance to play all of these games with friends, both locally and online.

Let’s Play! Oink Games is available right now on the Nintendo Switch.


Endling – Extinction is Forever – Nintendo Switch Announcement Trailer

I’m not sure if Endling – Extinction is Forever takes place in a post-apocalyptic world or just a dirty, polluted planet Earth. You play as the last mother fox, trying to keep your baby fox cubs alive. The game seems to be a commentary on humans ruining the planet.

The game takes place in a brutal world where you must teach your young baby fox cubs to hunt and survive. The gameplay actually looks pretty tight, and I really love the cell-shaded art style. I just know this is a game that is going to make me cry if I play it.

Endling – Extinction is Forever is coming to Nintendo Switch during Spring 2022.


Here’s a quick update on OlliOlli World. I’ve played tons of OlliOlli and OlliOlli 2: Welcome to Olliwood, and I love that for this third game they are taking it in a whole new direction with the same core mechanics. OlliOlli World features an all-new look, colorful art style, gameplay and menus.

While the core gameplay mechanics seem to be about the same — Ollie, do tricks, manual and grind your way to the end of each level — they have updated the game with plenty of new additions. You can know travel not only left-to-right, but also right-to-left. Levels will also have multiple routes to make it to the end.

OlliOlli World is coming to the Nintendo Switch on February 8, 2022 (Pre-order today).


River City Girls 2 – Nintendo Switch Announcement Trailer

River City Girls is your classic Beat ’em up side scroller. River City Girls 2 seems to be more of the same, but with lots of new content. There are now six playable characters (each with their own fighting style and moves). The map and city are bigger with new locations.

The game features two player co-op (both local and online) and the soundtrack is composed by Megan McDuffee (who’s work I have been hearing on all of the Atari Recharged games of late). As a kid, some of my most memorable gaming moments consisted of playing side-scrolling beat ’em ups with friends locally, so I’m always excited to see new updates on the classic genre.

River City Girls 2 releases on the Nintendo Switch in the Summer of 2022.


Next we were hit with the quick new games reel that we always get during Nintendo Switch Indie World Showcases. Here is a list of the games we saw with release dates and very short descriptions:

Parkasaurus (Spring 2022) – Cute, colorful, Dino park builder.
Don’t Starve Together (Spring 2022) – Co-op version of Don’t Starve
Chicory: A Colorful Tale (Today) – Painting adventure game, previously released on PlayStation and PC.

Baby Storm (Jan 21, 2022) – Daycare sim/Baby adventure game.
Grime (Summer 2022) – Spooky 2D platformer with evil weird monsters and bosses to fight (Currently on PC).
Gerda: A Flame in Winter (2022) – Point-and-click Story Adventure Game.
Timelie (Game and Demo Out Today!) – Tactical puzzle solving game.

Behind the Frame: The Finest Scenery (Spring 2022) – Point and click music story adventure, with tons to do.

But wait, that’s not all. There’s one more reveal…


Omori – Nintendo Switch Announcement Trailer

Omori is a critically-acclaimed RPG where you travel between two strange and vibrant worlds. It’s based on a popular web comic and features a beautiful pencil-drawn art style. Omori features an unconventional story with heavy topics

Omori is coming to the Nintendo Switch next Spring 2022.

Ok, that’s really all the news and game reveals from yesterday.
If you want to catch the entire show you can do so right here:

Nintendo Switch Indie World Showcase (12.15.2021)

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