PowerA Review Roundup: Vol III: LucidSound LS15P Wireless Gaming Headset

Back when PowerA sent me a box of goodies, I talked about the Nintendo Switch controllers they had sent me (Vol I) and the Nintendo Switch cases I received (Vol II). There are still two products remaining that I haven’t talked about — one of them is the LucidSound LS15P Wireless Gaming Headset (Vol III). The last product I was sent is probably my favorite of the bunch and I’m working on a special post (Vol IV) just for that one. That one will remain a surprise for now.


The LucidSound LS15P Wireless Gaming Headset is compatible with current PlayStation consoles (PS4 & PS5) and PC. The P in the model name stands for Playstation (the same model is available for Xbox owners and the model number ends with an X instead – LS15X). When I first received my LS15P headset I tried it out on my PlayStation 4, but since I have a Sound bar and rarely chat on PS4 it wasn’t really for my console gaming. I put them away for a bit.

Later on I tried out the headset on my PC and I really loved it with my gaming PC. Not just for gaming, but I’ve been using it for any Zoom meetings, Discord chats and any recent video podcast recordings. My PC fans run extremely loud, so setting up my Yeti mic will pick up all of that fan noise (I save my Yeti Mic for recording on my MacBook Pro). I’m not sure if it’s Zoom, Discord or the headset itself, but I never pick up that extra fan noise during my calls and chats with this headset. It’s been my go-to set ever since.

Too Many Buttons

Many wireless headsets have too many buttons. Either that or they have limited buttons, but feature strange combos, codes and shortcuts you must learn to use them correctly. This headset has two buttons: Power and EQ. When there are too many buttons it becomes a pain to figure out which is which, without taking the thing off your head and getting a closer look. 

Side Note: *My Jeep Cherokee has volume control and previous/next track on the back of the steering wheel (one on the left and one on the right). I still haven’t figured out which side does what so I just don’t use these features. I’ve had this car for about six years now and I don’t plan on ever figuring it out.

While my PS5 Pulse 3D headset features too many buttons that I will never fully learn, the LucidSound LS15P Headset keeps it simple, and user friendly. As I stated earlier, there are only two buttons: Power and EQ (featuring three different modes). Each ear cup features a wheel with a center button. The left side controls audio volume and the button mutes and reads battery levels. The right wheel controls chat volume, and the button mutes the mic.

More Features

The dual-mic system allows you to use the flexible boom mic, or easily remove it and use the built-in mic instead. The boom mic also features an LED light on the tip. Have you ever thought you were on mute and said something stupid on a call? Well, with this headset that’s a little less likely to happen, thanks to the LED indicator. You can easily notice the bright red light when on mute.

The LS15P headset is extremely comfortable and can be worn for long periods of time. Many over-ear headphones will lead to hot, sweaty or uncomfortable ears after long sessions. These feature memory foam padding which feels like a pillow for the ears and the frame itself is flexible and lightweight, so it doesn’t get too heavy over time.

These “cans” also feature some high quality sound. I mentioned the three EQ modes earlier: Natural, Bass Boost and (my favorite for music) Signature Sound. It’s always nice to be able to switch between different sound modes instantly to find the right one. The wireless signal is also very strong. It even works over longer distances. I was able to leave my PC and walk to different areas of the house while still listening in on a call the other day.

A rechargeable battery is the way to go for wireless headsets these days. The headset features a micro USB Plug. It’s always nicer to have rechargeable wireless products, especially with a long battery life. I’m not sure exactly how long the battery life is, but I haven’t had any problems yet. According to the website it’s 15 hours per charge.  Of course USB-C charging would be preferred, I just want everything to be USB-C these days.

Any Problems?

LS15P Dongle

Sure these come with a little USB dongle, which seems annoying at first, but I figured out that many wireless headsets do. The dongle and headset are quick to connect. All you need to do is plug in the dongle to a USB port on your PlayStation or PC, then turn on the headset and you’re ready for sound. Even my brand new, state-of-the-art PS Pulse 3D headset came with a dongle.

One major disappointment I came across was that I hoped to use the LS15P with my Nintendo Switch, while playing in docked mode. That wasn’t possible. I’m pretty sure even though the Switch dock has USB ports, it’s still not possible to use wireless headsets through there. But I blame Nintendo and not PowerA for this mess.


Overall, I really enjoy the LucidSound LS15P headset. I do own almost ten pairs of audio devices (headsets, headphones, earbuds and more), but each one has it’s specific purpose. I plan to continue using these as my PC gaming and chat pair.

The LS15P headset is very comfortable for long periods of time. They feature a sleek carbon fiber-esque, lightweight design. They are very user friendly, with the lack of extra buttons and the whole ear cup wheel controls is fantastic and simple. These are great for the PC and PlayStation 4.

For the same price ($99.99) you can get the PlayStation 5 Pulse 3D headset if you’re looking for something next gen. Xbox also has their new headset for the Series X|S. So, for last gen and PC the LS15P is a nice headset. However, if you’ve moved on to the next gen, you may want to look into what each console has to offer.

The LucidSound LS15P Wireless Gaming Headset was provided to me by PowerA.

You can learn more about the headset right here.

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