Super Animal Royale: VGVR

Last week’s Gamescom was full of exciting video game announcements. The week featured everything from brand new world premiere trailers to new release dates and new info on some of the games we’ve been patiently waiting for.

One thing I love in any game presentation is the shadow drop. Anytime an announcement ends with “And you can play it right now (or later today)!” Pixile Studios did this with Super Animal Royale during the Awesome Indies Show and you can check out the developer overview below.

Super Animal Royale – Gamescom Developer Overview

That night and over the weekend I spent some time with Super Animal Royale and put together my thoughts for the Video Game Video Review below. I consider this one to be more of a first impressions/preview type review than a full review. Super Animal Royale is a new kind of Battle Royale game.

Below you can watch my video review and/or read the full script:

Super Animal Royale – A New Battle Royale (VGVR)

Last Thursday, during Gamescom’s Awesome Indies Show, Pixile Studios shadow dropped Super Animal Royale, sending it from Early Access to a Full Release. Super Animal Royale is a Battle Royale shooter that takes place in a beautifully designed animal theme park.

From the update video alone you’d think Super Animal Royale was a wholesome animal adventure — but it’s not that at all. It’s a deadly, Battle Royale shooter featuring cute genetically-modified critters battling it out using a huge collection of weapons and power ups to be the last animal standing.

Super Animal Royale borrows a lot from Fortnite. From the Battle Royale matches, to the constantly shrinking battle zone, there’s also a flying party goose bus where players drop from, and a multi-tiered weapon system featuring basic to epic versions of each weapon. Plus, the pre-game menu layout is also very familiar.

Fortnite didn’t begin as the free-to-play, Battle Royale sensation that it is today. It rebooted itself by borrowing many of its gameplay features from battle royales before it, like PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUB G)and others. Fortnite continues to evolve with new additions each season, and I hope to see Super Animal Royale do the same and create its own unique style.

The gunplay mechanics, layout and game design are what set Super Animal Royale apart from its Battle Royale predecessors. While the most popular Battle Royales have been first or third-person shooters, Super Animal Royale plays in a top-down 2D view.

The mechanics of rolling and dodging are heavily used, and twin stick aiming and player movement will feel very familiar to those who have spent some time with Enter the Gungeon. Super Animal Royale is “Enter the Gungeon’s mechanics meets Fortnite’s Battle Royale system. Featuring its own unique art direction and style of course.”

Many free-to-play online multiplayer games require tons of hours to level up and unlock new items (and season passes for specialty items). While season passes and their goodies usually go away at the end of each season, Super Animal Royale‘s season passes will stick around in the archives so you could keep earning that precious loot.

Many free-to-play online multiplayer games now have new smaller challenges and daily goals to keep players coming back for more. I don’t actually know if leveling up in this game is super quick or if it just feels that way because after each match, they throw a bunch of points your way. I did make it to level six in just a few matches.

The wild goose bus is super cute and fun. I sometimes don’t even want to jump out of it. The map features fun locations with silly and punny names like the Earporium, Safari Sundries and Pie of the Tiger.

In Super Animal Royale players have the opportunity to go at it solo or with a squad of up to four friends. Matches may consist of up to 64 players.

The game features giant rideable emus and hamster wheels. When I first came across a hamster wheel, I was trampled and murdered by one. I later found an empty hamster wheel in the wild. I ran into some enemies, but they lived and I somehow died.

I only got to play Super Animal Royale for a few hours so far, but I do plan to give it some more time. If you’re a fan of battle royales (including Fortnite) but are looking for something new and different, you should definitely try out Super Animal Royale. This is a more simple and accessible battle royale than the more intense Call of Duty: Warzone and Apex Legends. If you’re looking for something cute and competitive this game is it.

Anytime a Free-to-play game is released (especially shadow dropped) like this it gets a huge number of players right away. Will Super Animal Royale hold onto the huge numbers? It was released pretty much everywhere (PC, Mac, PlayStation and Xbox consoles — even Stadia). Crossplay can be turned on as well as cross-progression, allowing players to access their earnings on multiple platforms (as long as you create a profile).

If Super Animal Royale maintains a steady flow of new seasonal content it could become the next Fortnite. Maybe not the next Fortnite, but something kind of similar.

I don’t know how long I’ll be obsessed with this battle royale. But I do hope to add it to my conquered Battle Royale list. A list that includes one crown in Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, a few team wins in Apex Legends, one or two shared chicken dinners in PU:BG and multiple Victory Royales in Fortnite.

Super Animal Royale is FREE-to-Play on PC, Mac, Stadia and all major consoles (PlayStation, Xbox & Nintendo Switch).

*Reviewed on Nintendo Switch.

Super Animal Royale audio clips provided by Pixile Studios!
Check out the game here:

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