Celeste • B-Sides (Finally!)

When I first started this site (myVGBC.com) I was posting Video Game Highlight videos almost weekly. Back in the early days (aka 2020), Fridays were reserved for Video Game Highlight posts. Now, a significant amount of time has passed since my last one. Today marks the return of the Video Game Highlight!

If you haven’t played Celeste (2018) yet, I suggest you go buy it, download it and play some before watching this video. Otherwise it won’t be that impressive to you.

Celeste is a beautifully-designed platform game from 2018. It was one of my top 2018 games and won multiple awards that year (including Best Indie at The Game Awards). It’s still one of my top games today.

Celeste (2018) – Trailer

I beat the base game back in 2018. While the game gets really tough at some points its long levels are broken up into smaller areas I like to call “screens.” Each screen is like a short puzzle. Once you solve that puzzle your game auto-saves and moves you to the next screen. Celeste has a death count on your save and you should expect to die many, many times — I’m up past the 1000s.

I thought the original game was too tough at many points. Once I jumped into the B-side levels, I learned just how much more tough it could get. Most screens in the B-sides are excruciatingly hard to beat.

For a year, possibly longer, I’ve been stuck on the same screen, containing a large strip of black matter. I wasn’t trying to beat this screen every day. I would jump in every couple of weeks or months to give it a go.

Last week, I finally defeated the black matter area and you can watch it happen below. I also captured a few failed attempts that came right before.

Celeste (2018) – B-Sides

The sad part is that the next “screen” was even harder. It features two disappearing walls that you have to climb up, somehow. I gave it a few tries, but was so happy about my black matter accomplishment that I just took another break.

Don’t worry Celeste, I will be back!

Celeste was created by the team formerly known as Matt Makes Games (now, Extremely OK Games). They created Towerfall before Celeste, which uses the same mechanics, but in a multiplayer platform fighter.

Extremely OK Games is currently working on Earthblade, which we don’t know much about other than this “vibe trailer” and that it is described as a 2D explor-action game in a seamless pixel art world.

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