myVGBC Podcast • Ep 9 • John Roo (The Retro Room)

A couple of weeks ago, I got to catch up with John Roo aka Roo (creator of The Retro Room). The Retro Room started out as a sort of side project where Roo could bring together like minded people who loved games and retro games. Today, he’s published and developed a few retro games of his own.

I’ve always been interested in learning more about the retro and home brewing games market. It’s very cool that some people have decided to create games for older consoles on their own. It’s these game makers that are helping keep retro consoles alive.

On the episode we talked about Roo’s history with games and consoles from his early days to today. We went over why game preservation is important and how bringing new content to old consoles can breath new life into them. There’s also a cool story about how learning to code and make games has given him a closer relationship with his dad.

You can watch the full podcast episode right here. I’ve featured some of the trailers for the games Roo mentioned below too:

myVGBC Podcast • Episode 9 • John Roo (The Retro Room)

Now some trailers and gameplay videos from The Retro Room:

Quest Arrest – Gameboy (The Retro Room) – Gameplay Video
Paper Zelda Trailer

Thank you to my guest John Roo for being a part of this episode. I learned a lot about the retro game scene and hope to continue to feature more retro game makers in the future.

You can learn more about what Roo is doing right here at The Retro Room website.
Follow The Retro Room on Twitter for the latest updates.

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