PowerA Review Roundup: Vol II

The first accessory I immediately purchased for my Nintendo Switch was a traveling case. In fact, that same case has been protecting my Nintendo Switch ever since day one and up until just a few weeks ago.

I went with the RDS Industries Zelda-themed Deluxe Travel Case because that’s what I found at Target.
Here’s how it looks today after four years of heavy use:

The case itself may look beaten and scarred on the outside, but inside it’s perfectly fine and just as secure as the day I bought it. The only reason I moved on to a new case was because my nephew wasn’t using his Mario Kart 8-themed RDS Industries case I bought him last year — if you don’t use it, you lose it.

A few weeks back, PowerA sent me a care package full of gaming products for review (check out my controller review post). The care package also contained two brand new Pokémon-themed Protection cases. Since I’ve been using the RDS Industries Deluxe Travel Case for the past few years I thought I should also include my thoughts on that case.

Let’s start there, since I’ve been using it for the past four years. I will talk about both cases (Zelda and Mario Kart) as one since they are basically the same case. The main difference is the exterior structure, since my Zelda one looks like it just returned from the Great War after traveling back-and-forth in my backpack for the past four years.

RDS Industries – Zelda: BotW & Mario Kart 8 Traveler Deluxe Cases

RDS Industries makes some great cases. Sure, my first case (Zelda BotW) came apart on the outside, but they re-engineered the outside of their cases. I really love the layout. The strap that holds the Switch in place doubles as a pocket for small accessories. The back of the pocket is soft, but firm in order to protect your Switch’s screen.

Each RDS case includes two neat little game cartridge cases, each holding up to four Switch game cartridges (also featuring a small SD card carrier). The cases remain hidden under your Switch when locked away, allowing you to keep up to eight Nintendo Switch games safe and secure. I ended up buying another pack of game cartridge holders, since I’m now up to thirteen physical games (twelve in these cases and one in my Switch). Since I still buy many physical games for my consoles, game storage is a big deal when searching for a case to protect my Switch.

There is one more upgrade featured in the new models of the RDS Industries Traveler Deluxe cases — other than a stronger exterior. While my Zelda case lid was empty and hollow on the inside, the Mario Kart 8 case adds some extra padding on the top. Everything feels a bit most snug when the Switch is enclosed in my new case.

The Mario Kart 8 cases extra padding may be hard to see in this image.

*Not all RDS Industries cases are built alike though. Before I knew that my nephew wasn’t using his Mario Kart 8 case, I purchased a new Animal Crossing RDS Industries case from Target. The inside layout was much different. There were no game cartridge cases, or space to put them. The Switch also wasn’t fully strapped in. 

Instead it featured a foldable stand to prop up your Switch screen while inside the case. Something that I would never use. I don’t even use my Switch’s kickstand. I returned it immediately.

Overall, RDS makes some great, sturdy, safe cases for the Nintendo Switch. They even feature one that holds your dock, controllers and more for those who travel with all of their Switch accessories.

RDS Industries Full Switch + Accessories Travel Case

PowerA Protection Case Review

Now that that’s out of the way it’s time to talk about these fresh new PowerA Protection cases I was sent sent in my care package. PowerA sent me two different Pokémon cases. Even though I’m not a big Pokémon person, except for using Pokémon Trainer in Smash Bros Ultimate (since it’s three characters in one). I’m a big fan of the style and look of these cases — PowerA has some nice case designs.

While the RDS Industries cases look more official or Nintendo-approved, PowerA seems to have more freedom to make their own decisions. PowerA’s cases feel more third-party in design and style and that’s a good thing. They look more unique, while RDS cases seem like something you would see many of in the wild at a Nintendo Switch convention (or maybe an airport).

Pokémon Protection Case – White

I really love the design of this White Pokémon case featuring many Poké-faces. The simple white background with outlines of Eevee, Pikachu, Squirtle, Charmander and Bulbasaur (Did I get those right? I’m not familiar with too many Pokémon) looks super fresh. I’m a big fan of simple design like this and this case makes me wish I was a big Pokémon fan.

While it looks soft and plushy, this case feels very tough and sturdy. Maybe it’s the cute design that makes it look soft. The back corners of the case features rough bumpers, making it slide proof. On the inside, the top two bumpers are where the ZL and ZR triggers slide in to keep the Switch in place. There’s also a Velcro strap for extra security. PowerA makes some seriously safe and secure Switch cases.

Nintendo Switch in PowerA Pokemon Protection Case

The frontside of the Switch strap holds up to nine game cartridges and two mini SD cards, while also keeping your Switch locked down. Game cartridges slide right in for safe keeping. Since these cartridge pockets are solid black, covering the game art, you have to pull out your games to reveal which is which — but I’m sure most of us can keep track of our games.

One thing I really love about this case over the RDS case is the accessories pocket. Instead of just a small pocket on the front of the Switch strap, this case has converted the top half of the case into a giant mesh accessories lounge with a zipper. Here you can store all kinds of goodies like more game cartridges, extra joy con controllers, snacks or even a charger. There’s so much space.

Pikachu Protection Case – Black

The PowerA Pikachu Protection case features a more simple Pokémon design. It’s black with a spray can-style Pikachu and his name spelled out in gold. The art feels like some street art that came straight off a wall in Japan. There’s only a few small design differences in the case layout.

PowerA Pikachu Black Protection Case

For one, this case features a handy Switch Lite adapter, which is basically just a piece of foam that slides in and out to lock in your Switch Lite. This is a great accessory for someone who may have a Nintendo Switch and Switch Lite in their home. I’ve dreamed about owning both, but I know that I don’t really need a second Switch.

While the White Pokémon case can store up to nine cartridges and two mini SD cards, the Black Pikachu case can only hold up to six game cartridges and four SD cards. The cartridge holder is also made of mesh, making it easier to scope out which game you’re looking to play next.

The artwork doesn’t end on the outside of this case. The inside features more Pikachu graffiti-style wall art. Under the cartridge holder and Switch area there’s some more Pikachu wall art. Although I like the layout of the White Pokémon case a bit better (more game cartridges and the art style), these are both great. I can see this one being the choice for someone with less physical and more digital games.

All of these cases (and many others) are a great solution for protecting your Nintendo Switch. I love my RDS cases and their layout. Maybe I’m just used to them after having one for so long. However, these PowerA protection cases are just as reliable and great. They offer all of the things my other case offers (storage, cartridge holders, safety), just in different ways.

When searching for the right Nintendo Switch case you need something that feels right for you. A harness or strap is a must. A game cartridge holder can be important, unless you are a digital gamer. It’s still nice to have some small cartridge storage, in case you want to borrow a physical game from a buddy.

An accessory pocket can also be important to some. Of course, any time I actually take my Switch anywhere (out of the house) I don’t only take my Traveler case — I stuff it in my backpack. I may even throw in my Pro controller (which has its own case), my dock and charger and any other accessories.

The main concern when searching for a Nintendo Switch case is to find a layout you like. One that can hold all of the things you need — whether that’s game cartridges, SD cards, extra joy con controllers, chargers or any other Switch accessories. It’s also important to find a design that suits you. I picked my Zelda design because I loved the color and Breath of the Wild was the first big game I played on my Switch (also, as I mentioned before it was what I found at Target).

I do play a lot of Mario Kart 8 so this current case is also great for me, but if I had my way I would have probably chosen a Splatoon 2 case. I own a Splatoon 2 Pro controller and the Splatoon 2 joy con controllers. If I was a big Pokémon fan I would love these PowerA cases.

Since I’m not a big Poké-boy I have already thought of a nice home for each of these two cases. I really think these PowerA cases have a fine layout and design and I do see myself possibly purchasing a different model some time soon.

Check out PowerA‘s page of Nintendo Switch cases.

Thanks again to PowerA for providing these cases for review. I really enjoyed testing them out.

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