XBox Game Pass Scares Me

XBox Game Pass is a brilliant idea. Phil Spencer and the Microsoft team are definitely killing it right now. That said, I still plan to stay in the Playstation family in the coming console generation, because Game Pass scares me.

Up until a few years ago, I was that person who would explore a few hours in a new game before moving onto the next one. Sure, I would tell myself, I’ll be back. I will finish both of these games. However, in the end I wouldn’t finish either, no matter if I liked them or not. I’d just continue jumping from game to game to game.

That sounds like the perfect candidate for a Game Pass subscription, right? And maybe I was. Imagine if I had an endless list of games to play. Every night, I would begin a new game and the cycle would continue. At least that’s how I watch my shows on all of the streaming services now. I’m currently midseason in about ten or more different shows. I made a change in my gaming habits a few years ago, though.

I wanted to finish more games. If I’m not feeling a game or not enjoying it that’s different and I can totally quit. I’ve played some games that I thought I would be excited for and ultimately decided, this isn’t for me and that’s fine. But even with games I loved, like Horizon: Zero Dawn, the closer I got to the end the more I was ready to jump into something new, but I held on to finish Horizon. I don’t know if by the end of a game, the grind can get repetitive or it may feel like you’ve explored enough of this world. And sometimes a little break is needed. I stopped playing Breath of the Wild (The Legend of Zelda) on my Nintendo Switch about two years ago, but I still plan to go back one day (hopefully soon).

There’s something about starting a brand new adventure, jumping into a sweet new world that just feels and looks great. Even just witnessing a change in something small, like the art style or some gameplay mechanics, from one game to the next. But there’s also a point in a game where it starts to feel too familiar. The magic may be gone. You’re doing a lot of the same stuff (over and over again) and you just want to see what else is out there.

I’ve thought about subscribing to Game Pass on my PC, but was scared to have so many games to play there too. I already have enough games on my PC, and I rarely use it for gaming. Between Steam (106) and Epic (140) I have about 246 games (not to mention Blizzard, Riot, Ubisoft and others. So about 250 or more). Of those games, I’ve installed about 10% and I’ve actually played less than half of that.

XBox Game Pass isn’t the system seller that’s going to get me on-board. And for other people it may be. That’s the beautiful thing about this next console generation. It’s not about who’s better at one thing. It’s about what platform fits you and your gaming needs. And for me, Playstation already has my heart with their exclusives.

During the PS4 generation, which I leaped into pretty early on, there are so many exclusives that I loved. I also missed the PS3 era, so I had my first Uncharted, The Last of Us and more experiences later than others. I got to play as Marvel’s Spider-Man (who I didn’t realize is maybe my favorite Marvel hero, due to all the comics, toys, collectables, books and other Spider-Man things I own. I even upgraded to the PS4 Pro just to get that Spidey one). God of War, more Uncharted games, Horizon: Zero Dawn and The Last of Us 2. I also played my first ever Rachet & Clank game this year and now I’m so excited for the next one. I drive most days in Gran Turismo Sport, just enough miles to get a free new car for my garage.

I know this started out as an XBox Game Pass article, but I guess I’m just a Playstation fanboy. Who knows though, when I owned a PS2 back in the day I ended up also picking up the original XBox just for one game (The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay). That could happen again with some sweet new XBox exclusive. I’m still excited to see what both Microsoft and Sony bring us this generation.

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