Control: The Cloud Version

I recently tested out the Control: Ultimate Edition: Cloud Version on my Nintendo Switch (that’s an extremely long title for an edition of a game). The idea of streaming higher quality games to the Nintendo Switch is very exciting. It’s especially great for someone who may only have a Switch and no place to play these types of games (PC, XBox One, PS4 or the coming next gen consoles).

There was a short wait for the game to begin streaming.

Nothing actually happened during the trial of Control (gameplay-wise). It was a five minute long walking sim. I walked around an empty office collecting documents and talked to one dude — the janitor. It would have been much more interesting to play a random part of the game where you actually get to use your powers (or see some sort of combat). If I hadn’t previously known anything about Control I don’t think I would be any more interested in playing it after this very short “demo.”

The one good screenshot of gameplay I actually got, even though this was at the end of a cutscene.

I don’t plan on paying to be able to use the Cloud Version of Control. If I end up playing Control it will be on my PS4 or my future PS5, but this is still a pretty cool idea. If they release an Xbox exclusive game (via Cloud Version) for Nintendo Switch, I may be more inclined to give that a shot since it may be my only chance to play it.

Overall the game looked fine. It looked as good as I imagined it would. Right now, Cloud gaming can’t compare to running the game on a PS4, Xbox One or PC. I was using a pretty strong internet connection, which helped. I had heard that people had problems playing due to poor internet connection and other problems. If you need to have lightning fast internet to use these Cloud Versions of games I can see that as a problem for those who don’t have the best internet. I’m sure it will continue to get better, even for those for those with poor connection.

Sorry, your 5 minutes is up. Now pay us!

I don’t see myself paying for a cloud based gaming experience too often. Especially if each one is going to cost around $40. If they offered a cloud-based subscription service on the Switch I would possibly consider that, or at least use a free one month trial. As I said in my previous article Xbox Game Pass Scares Me. I have enough trouble choosing what to watch on my streaming services nightly. I don’t need that pressure added to my gaming life.

For now, I’ll stick to first-party Nintendo games and the sweet Indies that I love on my Switch. But I look forward to seeing what they will do with Cloud gaming.

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