Rocket League Highlights

Rocket League has been around for over five years. It first released for FREE as a PS Plus game (a free monthly game given to subscribers of Playstation’s online service). It instantly became a phenomenon (like Fall Guys not too long ago). Everyone was playing Rocket League, and many continue to play today.

I spent many hours playing Rocket League online with friends in 2015 before putting it down for a while. It was the perfect “dessert game.” A “dessert game” is a quick, mindless game you can play after playing a bigger, more demanding type of game. It can also be known as an “appetizer game,” if you like to play these types of games before your “main course” game. (Ex. for a long time I would play The Binding of Isaac most nights after playing whatever main game I was playing).

When Rocket League came to the Nintendo Switch I knew I would end up buying it at some point and I did (most likely on sale for $10-15 bucks). The thing is, EPIC GAMES recently bought Rocket League and made it Free-to-play for all, on every platform. And we all get to play together (thanks to cross play). So, if you don’t have Rocket League yet, watch these highlights and maybe that will get you excited.

It is FREE…

Here’s a sweet side shot I scored on Nintendo Switch…

Here’s a long ball I made…

This clip is a little longer, it’s on my PS4 so you can see how the graphics compare with the earlier videos, plus this was a bigger play.

Playing soccer with cars is such a great idea for a game. They’ve even added some hockey, basketball and other strange types of events along the way (but soccer cars is by far my favorite). Now that EPIC owns the game, there will probably be tons of tie-ins (like Fortnite with Marvel, DC, Travis Scott and so many more). The recent Ghostbusters Halloween event got me to play and unlock all challenges, and I didn’t even have to pay for a season pass. I’m excited that EPIC sucked me back into Rocket League recently (with all of this new stuff, plus my girlfriend really likes it too).

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