My First Fall Guys Crown!

It only took me about a week or two to get my first crown in Fall Guys. However, since I conquered the gauntlet and my first crown, I have yet to win another. I’ve received some level up crowns, but those aren’t the same (although they are worth the same on the Fall Guys black market). I have done some cool stuff along the way, and also some not so cool stuff. I hope you’re ready for some Fall Guys Highlights (and Fails).

Fall Guys is a hilariously, stupid fun game. It’s Battle Royale but less serious and more silly. It’s sort of a mix of Wipeout (the TV game show) and Ninja Warrior, but instead of humans, you control a silly jelly bean creature. Even when you don’t make it to the next game show, it’s so much fun to watch your friends continue (if playing with friends). It’s also strange to spy on what other players do after you’ve finished your race and can check in on other players. 

Some stay at the exit just to mess with others and be the last one through to the next round (I’ve tried to do that, but messed up both times and been eliminated). Some just dance at the start of the level and never move (The dancing and emotes are really cute in this game). And of course, you have your trolls and griefers who just want to mess up the fun for everyone else, by grabbing and pushing. No matter what’s going on though, it’s just a fun, mindless game overall.

Let’s start this party off with my first and only crown. You can watch the full competition video below or skip ahead to the final show battle.


If you don’t feel like watching the full 10-15 minute long competition of my first crown, here’s the final round only. A round of Hex-a-Gone.


I did not win this next competition, but I did get a very odd first place in this round of TIP TOE. I don’t know if I should have been eliminated, you decide.


Slime Climb is one of the worst games for me in Fall Guys. This was one of the few times where I almost made it all the way thanks to a few lucky instances.


The other day I finally redeemed myself on Slime Climb. I ended up making it to the top, so I had to share this one, too.


There have been many more fails and wins in my time with Fall Guys so far, but I haven’t recorded them all. I’m loving the new Season 2 content and new competitions and I look forward to what will come in the future. I will say that my least favorite game, which I am total garbage at and will never understand is anything Hoopsie (Hoopsie Daisy and Hoopsie Legends, although I just call them both “Hoopsie Poopsie”).

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