Crossplay and Cross-save aren’t really brand new ideas. They’ve been around for over a year in certain games (like Fortnite, Minecraft, Dauntless) maybe a lot longer in some lesser known games.

  • Crossplay aka Cross-platform Play – playing games with players across multiple platforms (aka Nintendo Switch, X-Box, Playstation, PC)*
  • Cross-save aka Cross-platform Progression – saving your progress across multiple platforms.*

There was a time not too long ago, but in the last generation (PS3/XBox 360 times) where I had an XBox 360 and my friend had just gotten his new Playstation 3 (his first console in some time) and he asked me, “So, we can play games like Call of Duty together, right?”

I remember looking at him like he was an idiot. In my brain that just wasn’t possible. Different consoles were just incompatible with each other because they were built differently. I never really thought it was a political thing between different companies (Sony and Microsoft, but mostly Sony) not wanting to play together.

This week was my first true crossplay experience, with Rocket League. Rocket League has been around for over five years, and I first got it free on my PS4, thanks to PS Plus. That’s why I didn’t mind later paying for it on Nintendo Switch (on sale). Although now, Rocket League is owned by Epic Games and is free-to-play for everyone, with crossplay and cross save.

It blew my mind that I was able to play this game on my PS4 then jump onto my Switch and continue on the achievements I was working on, with all my current progress saved. My car presets were pretty much saved too (I mean, I don’t have my Mario and Luigi cars on PS4 and I don’t have my Sweet Tooth/Twisted Metal one on Switch, but it’s still very exciting).

Video games should work more like Google Drive and all of these cloud services. First off, it might drive people to buy the same game on multiple platforms. Publishers can even make the “ultimate version” of their games where you can play it anywhere for a few extra bucks. Maybe a disc version will bring a digital copy like blu-rays do. I guess this can end up backfiring with people buying and reselling codes or giving them to friends who have other consoles.

I would definitely pay a little extra for certain games to be able to continue my progression on my Nintendo Switch. Imagine being able to have an NBA2K season on your next-gen console, but also play some games on the go using your Nintendo Switch when you need to. And yes, I do own NBA2K20 on both PS4 (Free) and Switch ($5). I just wanted to test out the differences for myself.

I own and play Overwatch in three different places right now (PS4 – main, Nintendo Switch – occasionally, and PC – rarely). Being able to have all of my gear, achievements, loot and character phrases everywhere would make it so much better. Because let’s be real, the phrases are my favorite collectible in Overwatch (“It’s High Noon somewhere.”, “Did someone say Peanut Butter?” and “I choose you, Spirit Dragon.”)

When we moved into this current generation, from PS3 and XBox 360 to PS4 and XBox One I jumped ship. I went from a Microsoft dude back to a Sony Pony (and I was really happy with my choice). I do remember having Infamous and some new games for my new PS4, but still playing South Park: the Stick of Truth and GTA V (a game that is now moving into its third generation) on my XBox 360.

I’m sure we’ll see more of what can be done with cross save and cross progression in the coming generation. Especially with people switching to a new next-gen console mid-game and wanting to continue that game with more power, now that it’s possible (with certain games).

*These are my versions of the definition of these terms.

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