myVGBC Podcast • Episode 13 • Luke Williams • Bossa Studios

A few weeks ago, I had the chance to talk to Luke Williams, Lead Game Designer at Bossa Studios (located in London). Luke was the designer for Surgeon Simulator, I Am Bread, and now I Am Fish. Although I haven’t played I Am Bread, we talked about how all of these games fit into the same odd universe. There are many I Am Bread references in the new game.

I apologize for my camera giving out early on in our chat, but that gives you more fish footage to check out during the episode.

We talked a bit about the journey for I Am Fish, and how it started as a prototype featuring only the first few levels for a game jam. Bossa Studios had about three games in that Jam, but I Am Fish is the one they chose to keep working on. It’s a very cool Physics-based game where you think you’re just getting this one “fish in a hamster wheel” gameplay, but end up getting so much more.

Later on, I asked Luke more about his personal relationship with games, his education in game development and training, and his journey from working QA (Quality Assurance) at Sega to becoming a Game Designer at Bossa Studios. I really enjoyed talking to Luke about the game and everything else and I hope you will enjoy it to. By the way, Luke was cool enough to provide me with an extra Steam key for I Am Fish to giveaway to someone from the audience, so check our Twitter for more info.

Check out the video version on YouTube below:

myVGBC Podcast • Episode 13 • Luke Williams (Bossa Studios)

I Am Fish is out now on Xbox consoles and PC (via Steam).

Follow @myVGBC on Twitter for a chance to win a Steam game code for I Am Fish later today.

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