myVGBC Podcast: Episode 1 Neil Jones

Last week, I was lucky enough to have a chat with 3D artist and game developer Neil Jones (aka Aerial_Knight) about his upcoming game, Aerial_Knight’s Never Yield.

Check out the game trailer:

Aerial_Knight’s Never Yield – Reveal Trailer

Aerial_Knight’s Never Yield is a highly stylized narrative 3D runner created by Neil Jones. The protagonist, Wally, is on the run after uncovering some sinister evidence that may change his city forever.

The game takes place in Neil’s hometown of Detroit (or a futuristic Tokyo-style version of Detroit) with an amazing soundtrack by Detroit-based “Danime-Sama,” featuring the authentic sounds of Detroit from other vocal artists from around the world.

During my interview with Neil, I learned about his early gaming history and his love for games. He spoke about his art and design education, as well as the importance of figuring stuff out on your own. We talked about working on your own and having creative friends and finding local talent.

He also told me about his journey trying to break into the games industry, before ultimately deciding to make this one “cool thing” on his own. Neil started work on Aerial_Knight’s Never Yield two years ago while working multiple jobs and the game is coming out later this year (with the help of game publisher Headup). After playing the demo not too long ago, I’m very excited for him to finally get the full game out to the world and to see what he works on next.

Thanks again to Neil (aka Aerial_Knight) for speaking with me about his game and his journey.

Watch the full interview below (in the first episode of the myVGBC Podcast). Also available on Youtube:

myVGBC Podcast • Episode 1 – Neil Jones: Aerial_Knight’s Never Yield

Aerial_Knight’s Never Yield is set to release on PC, Playstation 4 and Playstation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S later this year.

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