Apex Legends • Now on Nintendo Switch!

It has happened… It has finally happened! Apex Legends is now on Nintendo Switch!

They told us just a few short weeks ago that Apex Legends would be available on the Nintendo Switch on March 9th, but for some reason I totally forgot about this news until late last night. I had just arrived back from dinner, when I realized that Apex was out on Switch right now. I immediately opened up the eShop and started downloading it. I’m now proud to own my second ever FPS (First-Person Shooter) on the Nintendo Switch platform.

The download took some time, it is a rather large game for the Nintendo Switch. It’s not as big as on other platforms, but large for the Switch at a whooping 19.1 GB that’s quite a large digital download (and most of the Switch’s internal memory, so you better have a microSD if you want this one). On PC and console the game rings in at about 23-30 GB. It’s my second largest digital game on the Switch after NBA2K20 (44.3 GB) and right before Overwatch (15.2 GB, but fell to 11.9 GB after last night’s update) and Diablo III (14.8 GB).


I already own Apex Legends on PC and PS4 (and now on my Switch). It is a free game so it’s not a problem to own it in multiple places. I mostly played on my PS4 and I didn’t really start playing again until this latest season. It’s not my favorite Battle Royale-type game, but it is a fun time with friends. And my friend happened to be online last night, so I did have some fun playing and we even won our second match together!

The game started off with motion controls enabled, which I really dislike in my FPS games on Switch. I’m great with motion controls in Splatoon 2, but that’s about it, Stop trying to make motion controls a thing in every shooter, Nintendo! When I bought Overwatch on the Switch I first thought I was experiencing some kind of Pro Controller drift before I realized the motion controls were “ON.”


The game is definitely more responsive and easier to control on PC, PS4 and probably Xbox consoles. It still plays and feels ok on the Nintendo Switch. It’s mainly the graphics and look of the game that I have a problem with.

What’s up with this forklift?

It’s sad that the textures and graphics look so weak on the Switch when compared to everywhere else. I did expect the game to look not as great as on the other, more powerful platforms. However, this game on Switch looks like I’m running Borderlands 2 on my old PC at the lowest settings possible. I do hope they can enhance the look for the Switch some time soon. I know that Overwatch isn’t as clean and fresh on the Switch, but I’m still able to enjoy it.

Graphics Comparison: (Left) Nintendo Switch, (Right) PS4 Pro

Although I linked my EA account to my Nintendo Switch (the same one that’s linked to PC and PS4) I still wasn’t able to bring over my player level, unlocks and items. There’s cross-play which is neat but no cross-save or cross progression. Of course, I don’t think I would want to play against players on other platforms from my Switch, just yet. I feel that may put you at a disadvantage. Cross progression isn’t that big of a deal to me right now, but for players who have purchased new heroes and items in Apex Legends on other platforms I hope they can use those characters and items on the Switch without having to repurchase them.

Apex Legends Pro Tip: Always shoot the dragon for a prize box!

With all that being said I’m still very happy they brought Apex Legends to the Switch. Apex is a very fun game and the controls still feel pretty smooth despite the other problems. Plus, I can now play Apex in handheld mode anywhere in the world (with an internet connection).


I also gave Apex Legends a handheld test run last night and this morning on my Nintendo Switch. I don’t see myself playing much Apex in handheld mode, but I’m happy that it’s an option. The pregame and loading screen graphics all look great on the small screen. The map actually looks much better pre-drop and I don’t really notice all of the flaws as much while exploring Kings Canyon.

I had some trouble with my internet connection and got booted from a game as I was reviving my teammate. Of course, it’s much harder to aim using the joy con sticks. If there were a way to have a match with only people playing in handheld mode that would be pretty interesting, to see who is truly the best at Apex under those circumstances. I did end up winning one match in handheld mode though.

When it comes to online competitive multiplayer games it does matter where you play. I’ve gotten plenty of Victory Royales in Fortnite and most of them have been on my PS4 Pro, with a few on Nintendo Switch docked and possibly one to zero times in handheld mode.

The thing that always made me think Apex Legends was worth playing was the fact that it feels just like Titanfall 2. Titanfall 2 was one of the best-feeling FPS games I’ve ever played. Maybe they should have just brought Titanfall 2 to the Switch instead?

I hope we get Titanfall 3 soon!

Apex Legends is a free-to-play game that is now playable on Playstation 4 & 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch and PC (via Origin and Steam).

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