Limited Run • The Complete Run (Volume 1: 2015/2016) | The Book

This post isn’t so much a “book review” as it is a “here’s a cool book for you to check out!”

Since 2015, Limited Run Games has been responsible for bringing us physical editions of many “digital-only” indie titles. They also have brought us some sweet Collector’s/Definitive Editions of retro and brand new games. As of today, they have released over three hundred titles in just under six years.

Limited Run Games recently published the first book in an illustrated series Limited Run • The Complete Run (Volume 1: 2015/2016). This is the first volume showcasing their work over the years. Volume 1 covers the first twenty-two games published in Limited Run’s first two years of operation. It also focuses on other merch, including shirts, art books and other swag from the early years.

Inside the pages of Limited Run • The Complete Run (Volume 1: 2015/2016) you will find images and scans of each game’s packaging, booklets, screenshots and photos of gameplay and more. Each title also features some production stories about publishing that game and a game summary.

It’s a great video game coffee table book to own. I can even see a couple of volumes stacked on top of each other under a coffee table or on a shelf. The collection would even look great displayed with some of Limited Run’s Collector’s Editions, if you have them.

Although I don’t own any of the games in the book physically, I do own some digital versions — Oddworld: New ‘n’ Tasty, Firewatch and the Shantae games. This is definitely a great collector’s edition to own for someone who owns and has played many Limited Run Games.

The book was put together by Jeremy Parish (from Retronauts). He also has a YouTube channel full of retro gaming video essays and docs.

More on LRG

The Limited Run catalog is extremely diverse since they are creating physical versions of different games along with special editions. Some publishers stick to publishing the same types of games, or working with the same couple of developers. I know Limited Run has some developers they work with constantly, but on their website I’ve seen all types of games for all kinds of gamers.

In recent years, LRG has even started to go even further, creating multiple editions of each game from the simple physical edition to collector’s editions to MEGA editions with tons of extras. We’ve also seen them and other publishers creating cartridges for retro consoles (like Game Boy Color, Nintendo Entertainment System and Sega Genesis).

Although I want to own every beautiful-looking collector’s edition of every game I try not to buy them all. I have found myself adding many games on sites like Limited Run Games and others into my cart, only to buy nothing. Even games I have no interest in owning sometimes have some fun add-ons in these collections that I feel I need to have.

Back in the Day

As a kid, games came with booklets, manuals and sometimes other extra bits (Cyberpunk 2077 was a recent game that came with some items in the box). Digital media has slowly chipped away at this experience. Don’t get me wrong, I do love being able to instantly play a game after purchase, thanks to digital storefronts, but it’s also cool to sometimes open a box and pop a game into your console. I’m now at about 50%/50% physical to digital game purchases. I like to purchase bigger games physically, and buy smaller indie titles digitally. Although companies like LRG and others have made it more appealing to buy physical versions of the indie titles we love.

I love what Limited Run Games is doing and I love that they have created this book to celebrate their work. I look forward to checking out the next volumes in this collection.

The softcover version of Limited Run • The Complete Run (Volume 1: 2015/2016) is available for purchase here.
You can also check out the LRG and current catalog of games and special editions right here.

*LRG (Limited Run Games) sent me a hardcover copy of this book for review. Instead I wanted to create a post to celebrate this beautifully designed collection of LRG games. I know not everyone is into beautifully designed coffee table books, but for someone like me who is into them this is a great addition to a collection — it also depends on whether you’re into these games or the work of Limited Run Games. Also, I may need some more coffee tables…

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