Chezzle • Video Game Video Review (VGVR)

I recently was given a review code for Chezzle, an endless Chess puzzler with a twist — but you’ll learn more about that in the video below. Chezzle is now available on Steam (PC) for just $0.99 from TheDollarGameStore (developer).

Below you can watch my short video review that will give you a quick overview of what this game is and why it’s special.

You can read my review script here:

CHEZZLE is an endless Chess puzzler that was released on Steam in early October. It turns the game of Chess into a puzzle. Hence the name, CHEZZLE (or Chess plus Puzzle).

In CHEZZLE each level contains a few chess pieces on a chess board. Instead of playing a round of chess you must solve the puzzle on how to leave just one piece behind. The twist is that every time you capture a piece you become that piece for your next move. CHEZZLE is sort of like Chess meets that golf tee elimination game you get to play every time you visit a Cracker Barrel.

The puzzles start simple to teach you how the game works. As you progress the puzzles get more complicated — they contain more pieces, movement and possibilities. I believe there is only one way to solve each puzzle, but it would be neat if some had multiple solutions.

Due to my limited knowledge of Chess and what each piece can actually do (I’ve always been more of a Checkers guy). I didn’t think I was the right person for this game. However, the more I play the more I learn what each Chess piece is capable of. After a couple of hours of CHEZZLE, I’m pretty sure I can now play another human in a real life game of Chess.

I’ve always known that the little horsie guy can move in an L-shape, but that’s about it. I can see CHEZZLE being sort of a Chess tutor. I do know there are many different strategies in Chess, and I don’t think CHEZZLE can teach Chess strategy, it’s more of a basic trainer.

The music and sound effects are both soothing and calming. “The game was carefully crafted with healing and meditation in mind.” The background sounds consist of rain drops and light piano music. Even when I’m stuck on a puzzle the music keeps me relaxed and excited to keep playing. There’s also no timer, keeping the game nice and casual.

There is a small story element to CHEZZLE. The creator sometimes talks to you between levels. After the initial explanation of how the game works the developer leaves you with this “I will be watching over you,” which gives me a feeling of relief. 

Throughout my progression I noticed the difficulty level rising, before dropping and slowly rising again. There were points where I just couldn’t figure out a puzzle but the game’s chill vibe allows you to keep trying without feeling overwhelmed. Some harder levels are a breeze and that can be attributed to either precision or luck.

CHEZZLE is a very chill and easy-going game to play on PC. It’s a nice, relaxing puzzler with the addition of Chess mechanics. I would mostly recommend this game to someone like me — who would like to be able to play Chess, but is embarrassed to not know each piece’s move set.

CHEZZLE may also work well for big time Chess players. It’s like playing Chess against yourself. It’s a new way to look at the game and the pieces. Playing this game may even help open up a Chess player’s mind to new ideas and strategies. Maybe it’s just a mindless chess puzzle to them. I don’t know.

Either way CHEZZLE is a fun little game to play when taking a break from more mentally straining games of today. CHEZZLE is available on Steam (PC) right now and it’s only $0.99. 

So, what do you have to lose?

Once again, Chezzle is available on Steam (PC) right now for only $0.99.
* was provided with a review code for the game.

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