myVGBC Podcast • Ep 10 • Tomas Sala (The Falconeer)

A few weeks ago during Gamescom 2021 I got to have a chat with Tomas Sala about his latest game The Falconeer — a game he developed on his own. We talked about the games cinematic opening titles, the music of Benedict Nichols, Tomas’s Skyrim mod “Moonpath to Elsewyer,” and how he got into making games after art and design school. Tomas is an interesting guy who left his life as a gun for hire to pursue his dream and create his own original game, The Falconeer.

I’ve been playing The Falconeer for a few weeks now (on PlayStation 5) and it’s a lot of fun. The flight mechanics remind me of dogfights in Star Wars: Battlefront (I & II), except you’re flying on the back of a falcon shooting lasers and elemental weapons. The art and design style are simple and super stunning.

You can check out the full interview below:

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