myVGBC Podcast: Episode 4: Yasen Bagalev & Dimitar Popov (Moo Lander)

Moo Lander is a 2D platformer filled with puzzles and resources where you take control of the Lander — the last hero in a dying cosmic civilization. As the Lander, you must battle cows and other creatures from your spaceship to collect the ultimate resource — milk. The only place to find milk in this world is on an ancient planet of Mighty Alien Cows.

Last month during E3 2021, I got to play through the Moo Lander Demo (now available on PC via Steam) and experience the game myself. Last week, during PAX East (Online) I was able to have a chat with the game’s creators, Yasen Bagalev and Dimitar Popov (from The Sixth Hammer).

Moo Lander – Official Trailer E3 2021

During out chat we spoke about the game, the team behind Moo Lander, the influences behind Moo Lander and creating a multiplayer, couch co-op game. We also talked about how the pandemic and moving events like E3 and PAX to fully online has given smaller companies and outlets a chance to attend these big events (both The Sixth Hammer and myself). It’s great to see a smaller indie studio from Bulgaria attending both E3 and PAX Online.

Check out our full chat for the myVGBC Podcast (Episode 4) below:

myVGBC Podcast – Episode 4 – Yasen Bagalev & Dimitar Popov – Moo Lander (The Sixth Hammer)

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