PAX Online 2021 & Announcements

Hello friends and thank you for visiting,

I wanted to post something today but I’m currently in the middle of a bunch of upcoming projects, and I’m attending PAX Online (from home). I still wanted to share something with you today and I will have some extra posts next week.

PAX Online 2021 (aka PAX East) started yesterday and will take place through the weekend. PAX is a conference started by the Penny Arcade team. It has grown over the years from one event into a few events — PAX East, PAX West, PAX South, PAX Aus, PAX Unplugged and PAX Dev.

PAX began in 2004, with the simple idea of a show celebrating gamers and gaming culture. Sure, there was some gaming representation at Comic and Anime conventions, but no specific gamer-focused show. The first PAX had 1337 guests and each year continued to grow exponentially. Today, there are multiple shows in multiple locations every year. Seeing as PAX East would be taking place online once again this year I decided to register for a media badge and I got in.

I’ve already set up some PAX Online interviews and appointments, so stay tuned for some PAX Online content coming next week. I still have some leftover E3 content, and some that have merged into E3/PAX content. I hope you’re excited because I am.

I’ve already began playing some new and upcoming games that I will be able to talk about starting later next week and I’m very excited to share my thoughts. I’m also a bit behind on sharing about some other games I’ve been given access to (via game codes). I didn’t want to leave you with nothing today, so I made this post explaining what I was up to.

Also, I want to say thank you. Thank you to everyone who has been reading and viewing my posts and videos. Thank you for your support and likes and comments and the re-blogging. We’re coming up on a year of doing this and I’ve had so much fun. I’m also hoping to create more video content and all types of new posts and ongoing series.

See you next week with some cool new stuff.



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