myVGBC Podcast: Episode 3: Dimitar Tsaprev (E3 2021)

A few weeks ago, during E3 2021, I had the pleasure of chatting with LifeSlide Creative Director, Dimitar Tsaprev (aka Mitko). LifeSlide is a beautifully-designed paper plane adventure developed by Dreamteck (a small indie studio based in Sofia, Bulgaria).

LifeSlide Trailer E3 2021

Moments after talking to Mitko, the game trailer above made its E3 debut. I’m sure that Mitko and the team at Dreamteck were excited to see LifeSlide opening the E3 Indie Showcase. LifeSlide features dynamic flight physics, a stunning yet simple (low poly) design and relaxing music. It’s a great game for both easy-going and hardcore gamers.

The gameplay feels great. As I mentioned during my interview with Dimitar, “This game feels like what Star Fox felt back in the early 90s.” Which means it just feels right. When I first picked up the controller and started flying through the world of LifeSlide my brain said, Oh, this is how it should feel to fly paper planes in a video game.

We touched on a few subjects during our talk including the development of LifeSlide, Mitko’s appreciation for retro games, growing up a gamer in Bulgaria and how the gaming scene has evolved, and his love and my fear for horror games. It’s always fun to hear game developers talk about what they’re currently playing — which is usually nothing like their upcoming release.

Back in 2019 LifeSlide was released for Apple Arcade, however, this Steam version (and the upcoming Nintendo Switch version) have been expanded, updated and improved in many ways. From what I saw on the Apple Arcade game trailer and what I’ve played on my PC, the game seems to be heavily updated with new additions.

LifeSlide features 28 procedurally generated stages in Story mode. Some levels even feel like they’re being built in front of your eyes as you glide through the level. The game also features a Zen mode for a more relaxed experience. There will be eight different paper plane models to choose from and I truly felt the difference in speed, handling, lift and physics of each one.

Check out the third episode of the myVGBC Podcast and full interview with Mitko, Creative Director of LifeSlide (Dreamteck Studio) right here:

myVGBC Podcast – Episode 3 – Dimitar Tsaprev (aka Mitko) – Creative Director – LifeSlider (Dreamteck Studio)

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