Tim Beaudet’s EGGcelerate! (1 of 2): The Interview

A few weeks ago, I saw the trailer for the game Tim Beaudet’s EGGCELERATE! Everything about this trailer got me hyped for this game. It just looked like a silly, fun and challenging game. In EGGcelerate! you’re trying to drive through each obstacle course-style level and make it to the finish line. Also, to make it harder on you there’s an egg in a basket on top of your car, and you can’t let it break before reaching the end of each level.

This game reminded me of games like Elasto Mania, Super Meat Boy, the Bit.Trip Runner games and others where you keep trying to beat short, challenging levels while failing over and over again. I immediately thought I had to reach out to interview the developer, and lucky for me his name was right there in the title of the game — Tim Beaudet’s EGGCELERATE!

Check out the trailer that got me so excited right here:

Tim has been busy getting his game ready for release on Steam, so instead of a video/phone interview I was able to email him some question. I’ve compiled those questions and his answers into this post below.

myVGBC: What is your gaming history?

TIM: This will age me a bit, but I payed a variety of games as a kid, who didn’t, and while Mario (Nintendo Entertainment System) was the first I remember playing it wasn’t until the Nintendo 64 and original Playstation days where the family got a larger collection of games and began renting them on a semi-regular basis. I like all sorts of games but racing is at the top. I’m not very good but searching for a faster time has always interested me. Elasto Mania was actually a game I was hard into and managed to match a couple of World Records on the easier levels.

myVGBC: Is there a correlation between the games you work on and the games you enjoy playing?

TIM: I have worked on a large variety of games from match3 (tile-matching) to RTS (real-time strategy, FPS (first-person shooters), platformer and much of what fits in-between. These days I stick with racing games to focus on one genre to improve and make a difference on. Viper Racing (Monster Games Inc) had the largest impact on this as I believe this game fueled my interest in building a realistic racing simulator, much like iRacing is these days.



myVGBC: After graduating from Full Sail University do you still have to learn a lot about making games on your own?

TIM: Full Sail University was a great experience and opened many doors by showing me all the things I didn’t know. The program is accelerated, I got a four year degree in less than two years, which is challenging. The learning definitely did NOT stop after school. I am constantly pushing myself to learn new things about game development, building racing games and lately the business side of making games. I share a lot of this information on my stream twitch.tv/timbeaudet for those interested in the entire game development process, good and bad.

myVGBC: What came first: the game idea or the punny title?

TIM: LudumDare #46 was a gamejam where thousands joined to make a game in 48-72 hours. The theme was “Keep it Alive” and during the brainstorming I knew I wanted to do something with racing. Twitch chat helped in the idea process and we stumbled on driving around with an egg on the car. The name came a bit later in that same event and the game wound up rated 12th in fun which is well within the top 1% of all the entries!

myVGBC: What inspired you to share your game-making journey for EGGcelerate! On Twitch?

TIM: I started streaming Sim Racing to share my races with my dad. After mentioning a few of my on-going projects, viewers nudged me to share them, and from there it snowballed into a regular thing. I started streaming for selfish reasons, to stay laser focused on building the best racing games and work toward my dream of building a racing simulator of my own. However, I quickly learned how helpful being transparent about the process is and have heard many say I’ve inspired them to get moving on their dreams.

myVGBC: Any more info on EGGcelerate!?

TIM: The game is available on itch.io today and coming to Steam today! March 30, 2021 (playable on Windows, Mac and Linux). It is my first racing game being released, but not the first I’ve developed! The 30 levels will challenge your core, make you laugh and cry and if you can beat the developer times… you are awesome!

I was able to play some of EGGcelerate! this past weekend and Tim is right, you are awesome if you can beat those developer times… You’ll hear more about this in my second EGGcelerate! post where I’ll show off some gameplay footage and talk about my thoughts on this game after spending a few hours in it.

Tim Beaudet’s EGGcelerate! releases today (March 30th) on Steam for $7.99?. Pick it up before April 6th for $5.99!
It is also available on itch.io for $7.99

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