MINECRAFT Master Builds by Tom Stone

The original Minecraft game gave players the chance to explore vast open landscapes and build their own blocky creations.

Official Minecraft Trailer

I have always been intrigued by the world and presentation of Minecraft, and after a few attempts I can say the original Minecraft game is not for me. That original game still exists today, but the Minecraft universe has grown and now consists of games, books, shows, toys, LEGO sets, and so much more.

It wasn’t until Max Brooks (son of legendary comedian Mel Brooks and writer of the original World War Z novel) wrote a Minecraft novel that I found a way into this world. I read the book Minecraft: The Island — which I believe has since become a series — and I did enjoy his take on this world. I also later gifted the book to my nephew who has since read other Minecraft novels.

A couple of months ago, I was sent a different kind of “Gaming Book.” An artsy book. However, this is not your typical “Making of” or “Art of” book. MINECRAFT Master Builds: A Showcase of Breathtaking Creations features beautiful in-game landscape photography of architectural wonders built in Minecraft by exceptionally creative users.

I first skimmed through the pages and was amazed by what I was seeing. However, to fully understand and appreciate the artistry showcased within the pages of MINECRAFT Master Builds, I decided to give the original game one more chance.

After a couple of weeks of playing Minecraft here and there, it is safe to say that I have no idea what I am doing. Still, I can now really appreciate the artwork featured in this book. I just have no idea how any of it was done. When I look through these pages, it’s like looking at worlds that were built by digital gods or mighty wizards.

Each build has a dedicated chapter accompanied by a short essay. The writing in each chapter focuses on different aspects of each build, and features quotes from interviews with each Master Builder.

From the chapters I read, I learned a bit about the ideas and philosophy behind some of these massive builds. There were stories about how some of the players got into Minecraft at a young age and just kept building. Some of the methods used may even be applied elsewhere to other creative projects. I also learned about the secret world of commissioned Minecraft projects. 

Within the pages of MINECRAFT Master Builds you will find everything from real world-inspired mountain ranges to underwater fantasy worlds. Overall, this is a great collection showcasing many aspects of what can be done within Minecraft. If you are even a minor fan of Minecraft and a lover of video game art books, this could be a nice addition to your library.

Reading and looking through MINECRAFT Master Builds has peaked my interest in the world of “Master Builds.” In fact, I would love to find some timelapse videos or some content showing what goes into these insane projects.

While I don’t plan on getting into the original Minecraft game because of this book, and becoming a Master Builder myself, I did end up trying out Minecraft Dungeons with my girlfriend this weekend — it is FREE on PS Plus this month — and so far we’re really enjoying it.

Minecraft Dungeons: Official Launch Trailer

I’m also looking forward to the release of the upcoming Minecraft Legends next month. I’m still not really sure what that game is exactly, but it looks to blend some of the elements of the original game (crafting and building) with others from Minecraft Dungeons (battle and combat).

Minecraft Legends: Official Gameplay Trailer

*myVGBC.com was sent a copy of Minecraft Master Builds: A Showcase of Breathtaking Creations by the publisher.

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