RazerStore Miami is Open

This past weekend, Miami got our very own RazerStore at Dadeland Mall. I was fortunate enough to attend the grand opening. I was even granted “Early Access” to this brand new RazerStore. As customers waited in line to get their first experience in the store, I had a chat with RazerStores US Retail District Manager, Andy Shafer, who oversees all eleven RazerStores in the US.

My RazerHistory

My fandom for Razer products all began with the purchase of my first gaming headset — the Razer Kraken in Razer Green. Prior to these I had used my call center-style PlayStation and Xbox headsets that came with each console. The Kraken was a game-changer for both console and PC gaming.

*Side Quest: I didn’t have a true gaming PC until my buddy gifted me his, since he was moving and couldn’t take it with him.
He had also recently fried his motherboard trying to switch out his graphics card (like a dummy), and he said,
“If you can fix it, you can keep it.” After enlisting the help of a tech savvy friend (aka a software engineer by trade)
we were able to get the thing running.

With this gaming PC, I was also given a Razer BlackWidow keyboard and a Naga mouse, thus solidifying my love for the Razer brand. I later picked up my own Razer DeathAdder Chroma mouse, since the Naga is meant for MMOs and I had no need for the extra twelve buttons on the side of the mouse.

My Razer collection has continued to grow and I have always been a fan of the company’s attention to detail, product design, and even package design (#TeamRazer). I tend to keep the packaging for my on-the-go Razer products (Ripsaw HD, Seiren Mini, and Kiyo Pro).

It’s not just the look and feel of Razer products, but their performance that gets me to ask, “Does Razer make this product?” whenever looking for something new. A few years ago, in my search for a capture card to record more than thirty seconds of gameplay on my Nintendo Switch, I found the Razer Ripsaw HD. When I needed a webcam for podcast interviews, the Razer Kiyo Pro won me over due to its elegant design.

After seeing most of Razer’s catalog at the store this past weekend, I look forward to trying out more of their products in the store and hopefully at home.

The RazerStore

My main objective while talking to Andy about the RazerStore locations was to figure out what it means to have a RazerStore in your city. Why is it important? Many of these products are available online, at Best Buy, and Target. So, what exactly are the benefits of having a RazerStore near you?

“Touch. Play. Stay.”

That’s the motto of the RazerStore. All of the products are out for customers to grab them, use them, feel their weight, play with them. Plus, employees can move any of the products to different setups around the store, to be put to the test.

Around the store you will find every gaming setup imaginable: Razer Blade Laptops, Gaming PCs, Consoles, handhelds and mobile devices. The store even features two fully-functioning streaming stations, where players can either play pre-loaded games or login to their personal accounts and stream live from the RazerStore.

The RazerStore staff is made up of a diverse group, knowledgeable in all aspects of gaming — PC, console, mobile, streaming, eSports, content creators, and more. The point of the store is to hang out and have a good time.

“It All Started with a Mouse”

A different kind of mouse. Before Razer became this iconic brand specializing in all things gaming, they were a gaming mouse company. As they continued to expand their product catalog they became experts in each field — cases, laptops, components, keyboards, gaming chairs, console support, and they continue to expand.

I mentioned to Andy how many of these other names on the PC gaming scene are sub-brands of other big PC companies (Dell > Alienware, HP > Omen and so on), but Razer is just Razer. Each new product is designed in-house, so with every new type of product comes research in that field to make the best product they can make.

“Local Flare”

Each RazerStore is designed to look and feel like a RazerStore. Still, stores are also given their own unique style and personality, based on their location and size. The new RazerStore Miami is only one of three to have a green ceiling, and the store’s two streaming booths are front and center to face whatever is going on in the store.

RazerStores are known to hold local events, including “Game Fests” where players can challenge friends or new friends to certain featured games. They have also been known to partner with local Universities, eSports teams, celebrities and professional athletes to have them come in and compete with local gamers.

Upcoming events can be found on the RazerStore social channels by location.

When I found out that Miami was getting our very own RazerStore, I was a bit surprised. I instead was expecting another luxury brand or fashion store. I also found out about the RazerStore Grand Opening about a week ago, and was lucky that I had the chance to attend.

I look forward to the upcoming in-store events, and hope to cover some of them. I also like that I now have a place to go test out the newest Razer gear.

*I also want to say thank you to Andy, Will and everyone at Razer for being incredibly helpful and accommodating even while getting the store ready for a Grand Opening.

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