Super Friends @SUPERCON 2022: Vol II, Pt III: Plastic Pizza (Jordan & Sarah Fuchs)

We are now at the midway point between last summer’s Florida Supercon 2022 and the upcoming Florida Supercon 2023, but I still have a couple more Super Friends to share with you.

This next group were two of my favorite people I met at last year’s Florida Supercon, mainly because of their positivity and their love for one of my favorite things in the world — Pizza!

Plastic Pizza is a unique company because they collaborate with artists from all over to create different types of pizza-themed art. I could talk more about them but they have provided some great info below in this fun Q&A with my new friends, Jordan and Sarah.

Today, Plastic Pizza creates all kinds of fun (pizza-themed) products (shirts, posters, figures…) How and when did this begin?

To begin with, we created the artwork and storyline as a platform to grow from. Creating figures and independent art toys is a process that can be complicated and takes time, so creating those types of products became more of a destination than a starting point. 

It was exciting to build to the point where we were producing our own physical art which we could share with others.

Why Pizza? I mean, pizza is one of my favorite things too, but what made you think of creating art, and a whole company, based on delicious pizza?

For me, my own personal addiction is pizza which led me to the concept of using this beloved food choice as a starting point. When considering creating a business in the public arena today, I wanted to reach as many people as possible and be a force for good while creating positivity.

Pizza was one of the only things I could think of that tends to bring people together from all walks of life no matter your background, so the symbol of pizza and my love for the food became the perfect starting point for creating our own business.

You collaborate with many different artists. How do you choose who you work with?

One of the most exciting aspects of Plastic Pizza is the collaboration between artists and our brand and watching the organic creativity manifest. We personally have a long list of artists we dream to work with and collaborate with and we have been very fortunate to have been able to work with the amazing and awesome artists we have worked with so far. 

Many of the artists we have worked with and continue to work with were and have been inspirations for not only our love for the art and culture, but also our passion for our business and the driving force behind Plastic Pizza. 

When it comes to artists reaching out to us, this has become one of the greatest compliments we can ever receive. It is extremely exciting to see the passion and creativity come from unique and new perspectives.

What’s the process of collaborating with different artists? Do you brainstorm with them or let them run loose and bring you some cool ideas?

Every collaboration tends to work differently and based upon the artist and what makes them the most comfortable and honestly what organically grows from our professional interactions. Many times, collaboration feels like jazz so staying flexible and being able to improvise is always important. 

There is no right answer so that freedom can bring a level of complication, however the universe and characters of Plastic Pizza create a playground and starting point for artists to reference and use for guidelines and starting off points. 

One of the most rewarding feelings is taking a vision or idea to an artist and having it come to life, either in 2D or 3D art. One of the most beautiful and cool products of our artistic relationships has been fostering an environment where creativity has an opportunity to flourish and allow our artists to create their own content. This has been extremely rewarding.

Can you share a bit about your Popshop Live streams? When are they, how does it work? What do the people need to know?

First off, Popshop Live is an app you can download on your phone or computer which allows you access to a community of artists and sellers who livestream and sell their products directly to customers. One of the easiest ways to explain Popshop Live is that it is our generation’s version of QVC (aka The Home Shopping Network).

The dream of being able to sell customers products, being advertised in real-time has become a reality and Popshop Live has become a platform for this new marketplace. Plastic Pizza livestreams from the Imagination Laboratories multiple times a month. We announce when we’re going live on both our Instagram (@theplasticpizza) and the Popshop Live App beforehand.

When customers download the app and create an account, they can view live streamed shows and make purchases directly from the seller in real-time while also providing a chat box for customers and sellers to interact. What people should know is that it is a lot of fun, and they should make sure to have their credit card ready because it could be one of the best and most expensive discoveries they make.

On our streams we get a unique opportunity to interact with our customers and provide engagement, including giveaways and exclusive drops through the app. We also strive to make our streams as entertaining as possible, so we create music playlists with exciting lighting to add to the environment and fun.

Any collaborations you’re excited about, past or future? I know you love all of your artists, but are there any that made you say, “HOLY PIZZA, we’re working with ____?”

Plastic Pizza definitely has its tentacles reaching in quite a few directions. I can tell you that we do have some exciting treats in store for 2023, and you are just going to have to stay tuned! 

When it comes to past collaborations it is an honor to have been able to collaborate with the Johnny Cupcakes brand. As fans (and customers) of Johnny Cupcakes, creating a collaboration shirt was a huge milestone and definitely left us saying “Holy Pizza!” 

It was also extremely exciting to work with Beer Canvas last year, and create their very first designer art toy drop alongside our glassware collaboration. 

One of the last accomplishments of last year was creating a t-shirt release for the Chomp character from Abominable Toys. We created an image that tied into a grocery store theme, and we even packaged our t-shirts as if they were frozen pizzas! All these collaborations definitely left us saying “Holy Pizza!”

What is the ultimate goal for Plastic Pizza?

The ultimate goal for Plastic Pizza is to create a flourishing and sustainable creative community which acts as a platform and force for good. 

It has been incredibly fulfilling to collaborate and work with a variety of different people from different backgrounds and different skills. The environment and culture being cultivated amongst such a passionate and creative community allows for a special magic which acts as a channel for the ultimate goal of being the good guys.

Is Plastic Pizza your “Main Gig” or more of a side hustle?

When I graduated with my Masters in Online Education, in the fall of 2022 it seemed that I had the perfect career for an educational system that was exploring and moving more online. However, my passion for art drove me to create our own business which we have dedicated more than all our time to.

You shared some cool video game related artwork with me. Can you share any important gaming moments or memories from your life?

When it comes to important gaming moments and memories in my life it all began with a NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) on my fifth birthday. Playing computer video games on my grandmother’s computer was also a happy memory, I remember in particular Grand Theft Auto II and Redneck Rampage.

I know for Sarah having her parents drive across England looking for a pink PSP (PlayStation Portable) is one of her important gaming moments. I am pretty sure she spent huge chunks of her childhood playing The Sims and Bratz games. 

After the NES I got a Sega, then an N64, and then an XBOX. Video games for both of us have always been a huge part of our lives.

Have you played the latest Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder’s Revenge game? I feel like that would be the perfect game for any pizza/turtle lover.

Not yet! We have purchased the Collector Edition and we are super excited about playing it! As a child who loved the TMNT’s and side scroller video games this latest game looks like it was made just for us!

Is there anything else you’d like to share about Plastic Pizza?

Plastic Pizza is an artistically thinking brand with a focus on creativity, imagination and community. As vibrant colorists, we strive to bring the unordinary and the different to life, through designer toys, apparel, art, and stickers! 

Our mission is to feed the world peace and art, while being a lightning rod for creativity and community.

I want to thank Jordan and Sarah from Plastic Pizza for taking the time to answer my questions and allowing me to share what they are doing with you. Also, be on the lookout because you may see these two at a Con near you.

If you would like to learn more about Plastic Pizza, you can check out their site.

You can also follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

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