myVGBC Podcast: S2E5 • Anjali Bhimani

In the summer of 2021 at Florida Supercon, I met a few voice actors from Overwatch. Overwatch was my most played game from 2016 thru 2020. I had already met some of the voices at previous Supercons, including Lucio (Jonny Cruz), Roadhog (Josh Petersdorf), D. Va (Charlet Chung), and a few others. 

In 2021, I got the chance to talk to Mercy (Lucie Pohl), Sombra (Carolina Ravassa), Echo (Jeannie Bolet), and Symmetra (Anjali Bhimani). I had great conversations with each of them, as I always have when meeting the cast of Overwatch.

My drawing (inspired by Gravity Falls), featuring some of the ladies of Overwatch — from Florida Supercon 2021.

At that time, Anjali was promoting the Kickstarter campaign for her upcoming book, I AM FUN SIZE, AND SO ARE YOU! Last week, the book was released to the public. After meeting her at Supercon I looked up the Kickstarter campaign and immediately backed the project. I thought it was a cool idea that she decided to write a book inspired by her YouTube series.

After receiving my copy of the book and having the chance to read it early, I messaged her team about the release date to the public. I just wanted to be able to share this wonderful, inspiring book with my audience. To my surprise Anjali emailed me back herself, and agreed to be a guest on my “video podcast” series, the myVGBC Podcast.

After a few busy weeks of her launching a book and me traveling across the country, we were able to sit down in front of our webcams and have a chat about the book (I AM FUN SIZE, AND SO ARE YOU!), her career, and some other topics.

You can see the full interview right here:

myVGBC Podcast (S2E5) • Anjali Bhimani

I AM FUN SIZE, AND SO ARE YOU!: Thoughts from a Tiny Human on Living a Giant Life

“I Am Fun Size, and So Are You! is a series of essays — part memoir, part life map — all combined
to lead you through your own personal challenges and toward a fuller, bigger life.

The book itself is very charming and inspiring. First off, I want to say that Anjali is a great storyteller and a very funny writer. The reason she wanted to write this book is to inspire and connect with more people, to share stories to let others know that they are not alone. We all feel the same feelings and have the same experiences.

I mentioned to Anjali that it was sort of like a “self help” book in some ways, but I realized that many “self help” books are about following a compiled set of rules, with little to no real world examples. This feels more like encouraging tales, where Anjali shares some stories from her life and what she learned from them. Even when a certain section didn’t connect with me directly, I was still engaged because of her fantastic writing.

The design and layout of the book also keeps the reader’s attention, with fun headlines and big colorful quotes in the middle of pages. The illustrations in the book were created by artist Vivian Truong.

Thank you so much to Anjali for giving me more of her time for this interview.

I have met a good amount of artists, writers, and actors at conventions over the years. Most guests are courteous and know how excited you are to meet them. They try to share exciting stories, or something quick and memorable and that’s great. Anjali is one of the extra special few who feels like she is just as excited to meet you as you are to meet her.


I AM FUN SIZE, AND SO ARE YOU! Thoughts from a Tiny Human on Living a Giant Life is available now on Amazon (Paperback & Kindle), Barnes & Noble (eBook), and you can learn more about the book and web series right here.

For those looking for signed (and unsigned) copies I AM FUN SIZE, AND SO ARE YOU! they are available on Streamily. An audiobook version is now available on Audible.

You can follow Anjali on Twitter and Instagram at @SweeetAnj 
or find all of the links right here.

Thanks again to Anjali and her team for helping set everything up.

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