myVGBC Podcast – Season 2, Episode 1: Mega Ran

Season One of the myVGBC Podcast featured talks with fifteen different video game developers.

For Season Two, I will continue interviewing game developers but I also would like to include some new types of episodes. I want to reach out to people who may not have created or worked on the games we love, but have used their love of video games to create something else. I still have a few game developer chats in the works, but be prepared for some new stuff as well.

Earlier this year, I had a great talk with Raheem Jarbo, aka Mega Ran. We talked about his book Dream Master (you can find my “gaming books” post about the book here). The book features many stories of his life and we talked about how strange it was for him to go back and think of these moments in life, then discuss them with others who were there and realize they sometimes had different recollections of the same event.

Mega Ran • Infinite Lives

We also talked about his extensive music catalog, from concept albums to Kickstarter projects. Mega Ran is always staying on top of what’s going on. Recently I’ve seen him release freestyles and new tracks based on popular shows, movies and even recent news. After the recent passing of pro wrestler, Scott Hall (aka Razor Ramon) he released the track “Goodbye to the Bad Guy (Feat. G1ToTheRescue).”

Mega Ran • Goodbye to the Bad Guy (feat G1ToTheRescue)

I asked him about the early days of teaching during the day and creating music until the late hours of the night. About meeting and even working with some of his heroes and influences. Mega Ran is someone who merged his passions (Hip Hop and Video Games) to create something special — his own unique style of music.

I’ve seen many albums receive remasters and re-releases on big anniversaries. Mega Ran is one of the only musicians I can think of that went back and remade an album — Black Materia: The Remake. Based on the music and story of one of the most beloved games, Final Fantasy VII.

myVGBC Podcast Season 2 Official Premiere

It’s time for Season Two of the myVGBC Podcast with Episode 1. Featuring our very special Guest, Mega Ran:

myVGBC Podcast • Season 2, Episode 1 with Raheem Jarbo (aka Mega Ran)

I want to say thank you to Mega Ran for being my guest and spending an hour to chat with me about video games, music and life.

*Although Season Two technically began a few weeks ago with Rick Stemm from Pik Pok Games (Narrative Designer for Agent Intercept), I had recorded this episode as the Season Premiere earlier in the year, so Rick was technically Episode 3, but due to the release of Agent Intercept that episode’s release was moved up.

Mega-Ran Links:

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