Creating Myself in WWE 2K22

A few weeks ago, I posted my thoughts on WWE 2K22 (the game). I was really enjoying the gameplay and playing as my favorite WWE Superstars from the past and present. Something I never really mess around with in games is the character creation studio. However, after seeing some of the creations online I had to create myself as a wrestler.

Being able to use a real life photo to start is an added bonus, but also makes the process extra creepy. In the beginning I uploaded my image into the game, but it felt like stretching a skin mask over my Superstars face. Like I was trying to stretch my face to fit on there. Once I began to understand how the creation tool works it became a bit easier, but still sort of confusing.

Check out a slideshow of my Superstar, “Rodriguez!”

After creating my look, entrance outfit and ring attire that’s when I began exploring the custom entrance. I created three slightly different ones and posted them below, along with the matches that took place after those entrances. Please enjoy.

Entrance 1 • Match 1

This is my first match with my custom Superstar vs Chad Gable.

Entrance 2 • Match 2

My second match and entrance vs Jinder Mahal.

Entrance 3 • Match 3

Here’s match and entrance 3 vs Austin Theory.

WWE 2K22 is full of stuff to do and I keep finding more and more. The creation zone is full of so much to do, and I will continue to explore. I’m not a big fan of my custom Superstars moveset yet, but I will be improving it.

Stay tuned for more WWE 2K22 matches and highlights on the official YouTube page.

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