Salt and Sacrifice • Beta Obliteration Weekend

Over the weekend I had the chance to try out the Salt and Sacrifice closed beta on PlayStation 5. Salt and Sacrifice is a sequel to 2016’s Salt and Sanctuary from Devoured Studios and Ska Studios. Salt and Sacrifice is an action RPG where you play as a marked inquisitor exploring a large world full of scavengers, secrets, traps and powerful guardians. You can even team up with a fellow inquisitor with online co-op modes.

The first thing I did in the game was create my inquisitor. Players can choose a class, crime and look (ancestry, hair, hair color, whiskers and eye color). You also get to give your character a unique name. Many character creation screens have limited choices. In Salt and Sacrifice, each category has a couple of options to choose from which is nice.

Salt and Sacrifice • Character Creator

There are two “realms” within Salt and Sacrifice. In the camp (aka Pardoner’s Vale), there are many areas to explore, where you can customize and enhance items and weapons or interact with different villagers. There’s even a cute reindeer cat to pet.

Salt and Sacrifice • Petting the Reindeer Cat

The other world is where the combat and true exploration happen. So far, I’ve only made my way to the first area (Ashbourne Village). To unlock new worlds you must learn their special rune code to create a portal that will lead you there. I have yet to unlock any new rune codes.

Salt and Sacrifice • Creating a Rune Portal

The more you play and the more you explore, the more you learn. Once I discovered the grappling hook, I was able to make my way into new areas and explore even more of this world. Instead of having only two choices of where to go each time I died and restarted, I was now able to access new areas with my grappling hook. There are also quests (or hunts) to unlock and track to discover more within the world of Salt and Sacrifice.

Salt and Sacrifice • Grappling Hook

After spending the past couple of weeks being terrible at Elden Ring, this was a nice break. Salt and Sacrifice’s combat is sort of like a 2D platforming version of a Soulsborne game. The combat is simple to understand, but it’s still very tough to learn and execute. I spent most of my time dying, but after some time you start to learn to block, roll and defeat enemies correctly.

Salt and Sacrifice • Boss Fight

We are still over a month out from the full release of Salt and Sacrifice, and I’m curious to see how the game changes in that time. The combat can be tinkered with a bit to make it feel a bit smoother. Although maybe that will come with enhancing certain weapons, items and shields as you play. I started to get better at taking out enemies the more I played. Last night, before the beta ended I even got redemption on that Boss Fight from the earlier video.

Salt and Sacrifice • Boss Fight Redemption

After this weekend I’m now interested in trying out the original game Salt and Sanctuary. Mainly to see how the two games differ, and what has changed. The original is currently sitting in my Epic Games Store library, so I plan to try it out before the release of Salt and Sacrifice. After spending a couple of hours with this closed beta, I’m excited for the full release of Salt and Sacrifice.

Salt and Sacrifice releases on PlayStation 4/5 and PC (via Epic Games Store) on May 10, 2022. 

*myVGBC was granted access to this weekend’s closed beta by the publisher.

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