Super Friends at Supercon 2021

Last September (2021), I was able to attend Florida Supercon, in the newly remodeled Miami Beach Convention Center with a Press Pass. The last Supercon was in 2019 (2020 was canceled). Although I only attended on Friday, I was still able to meet some great people.

I talked to a few voice over artists from Overwatch: Mercy (Lucie Pohl), Symmetra (Anjali Bhimani), Sombra (Carolina Ravassa) and Echo (Jeannie Bolet). I also met Darryl “DMC” McDaniels (from RUN DMC) and Michael Cudlitz (Abraham from The Walking Dead). Although there weren’t as many guests as in 2019, I also met a few comic book artists and writers.

I wanted to showcase a few special people I met though. These are the people who travel around from Con to Con, selling their artwork and creative projects. These people pay for a spot on the floor to share their work/hobby/art/creativity with us.

It’s been a couple of months and I was hoping to share this post earlier, but here it is. Let’s check out some of the touring artists I met at Supercon last year. I wanted to share some of their work and their stories because they may be at a convention near you this year or some time soon.

*My goal was to include mostly video game-inspired artwork, but I also ended up including some that aren’t just because I really liked them.

Nate Jones Design

Nate Jones is a freelance illustrator/graphic designer with a degree in printmaking. I love the way he mixes typography with his illustration. His artwork stood out to me as I walked the floor of Supercon, because it is so unique and different. Not only is it a cool and original idea to merge 3D typography with portraits of characters, and include famous lines. He also found a way to have the words and letters blend perfectly into the portraits.

Links: Website | Etsy | Tee Public | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

Geeky Girl Stitches

Tabitha Minnich is the owner/designer of Geeky Girl Stitches, and has been for the past six years. She got her start by making a few items for a local convention. It began with four types of keychains: Pikachu, Eevee, Deadpool and Captain America, which all sold out in about 15 minutes. From there she started doing small events, which led to other events and then to conventions. She now has over 300 designs and attends many of the major conventions all over the US. Tabitha is also a cool and friendly person.

Links: Website | Etsy | Facebook | Instagram  

Little Bad Wren

When I came across Brenda’s (Little Bad Wren) work I was first intrigued by the use of old book pages to create art. When I looked even closer the artwork was beautiful too. I also have always loved the idea of using old products or media as a canvas for art. I really enjoy the story of Brenda deciding to make her own art using what she had lying around.

Links: Website | Instagram

Dominic Glover

I met Dominic and bought some of his prints back in 2019. Last year, his brother was holding down his booth while he was at another convention, so I bought some more prints. Dominic is a professional illustrator and graphic designer that has created licensed works with big names like Marvel, Warner Bros and more. He also shares his process with his audience through his Patreon page.

Links: Website | Facebook | Instagram | Patreon


Kris Kehasukjaren is a Los Angeles-based artist with a collection of pins and prints. His work is based on popular franchises of shows, movies, games and anime. I really love the collages made up of different characters from famous franchises. In fact, I ended up buying one for myself and two for two different friends (Rick and Morty, Cowboy Bebop and Final Fantasy VII).

Links: Website | Facebook | Instagram

Charmed and Cozy

Lastly, I wanted to include Bee Hanslip, creator of Charmed and Cozy (since 2016). I bought a pair of mickey earrings from her for my girlfriend, and a sticker or two. I’m a huge fan of everything Disney (Movies, shows, games, parks, clothing and more) and she has great original designs. Charmed and Cozy started as a way to make some extra money to pay supply costs for her side projects and in a few years it became her sole form of work (and a way to pay for her trips to Disney Parks).

Links: Website | Etsy | Facebook | Instagram

These are only some of the great booths and artwork I saw at Florida Supercon last year, and I’m sure I will see some of these and even more in 2022. I’m excited to hopefully attend this year’s Supercon with more of a plan for coverage (especially on gaming). For now, I hope you enjoy this and you get to go to a Con in your city some time soon.

But also, wear your mask…

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