My 2021 PlayStation Wrap-up

Last week, I finally received my PlayStation 2021 Wrap-Up email. We’re almost a month into 2022, but I did receive my Nintendo wrap-up in the middle of December 2021, meaning I still had about two weeks of valuable game time to contribute. I would say the sweet spot for a Gaming Wrap-up email is more like the first week of the new year. Either way, I’m happy to finally get my 2021 PlayStation stats. So, let’s go through and see how my 2021 gaming hours and achievements compare to 2020.


Total Gaming Hours • PlayStation • 2021

In 2021, I spent a total of 487 hours gaming on my PlayStation 4 & 5. In 2020, my total hours totaled to 1190 hours. However, I’m pretty sure in 2020, maybe half of those hours (maybe more) were spent watching YouTube or other videos while working. At some point in 2021, I set up an Apple TV in my work area and ended up using that for watching content while working over my PlayStation 4 Pro.

Gaming Hours: Breakdown • PlayStation • 2021

The main difference between 2020 and 2021 is that I purchased my PlayStation 5 in March of 2021. So, my gaming hours were split between the two consoles — even though I moved primarily to my PlayStation 5 for gaming after March 2021.

Although my hours are split pretty evenly, 210 hours (43%) PS5 titles and 277 hours (57%) PS4 titles, I did play many of these PS4 titles on my new PS5. It’s not saying that I spent all of those hours on my PlayStation 4 Pro, because I went back into my backlog and played many older games and past PS Plus games on my PlayStation 5.

I’ve always been more of a single player (local play) than an online gamer. In both years 2020 and 2021, I spent less than 5% of my game time playing online games. In 2020, I was told I only played 29 hours online, even though I had recorded 43 hours of Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout (a game that is played entirely online), so the math is a bit off there.

In 2021, I recorded 331 Total Days Played. I’m guessing that means I turned on my PlayStation 4 or 5 on that many of the 365 days in the year. That was over 100 more than in 2020 (226 Total Days Played).


Total Games Played • PlayStation • 2021

In 2021, I played a total of 67 games. That’s over 20 more new titles experienced than in 2020, where I played 45 total games. That’s a 32% increase in games played. I’d say the increase came from review and preview codes.

Most Played Games • PlayStation • 2021

This time around they gave us the hours of our top five most played games. In 2020, we only got the top three most played. In 2021, I played Days Gone for a total of 40 hours (and still haven’t beaten the main story). Deathloop was my second most played game (30 hours), and I’m also still working on taking out all of the Visionaries in one day. The last three of my top games all received about 25 hours for me to beat their story — Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales, Hitman and Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy. I did end up beating Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales twice to get the Platinum Trophy. I would guess the next most played game on the list would be Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart, since I did beat that one and start working towards the Platinum Trophy (but still haven’t earned it yet).

In 2020, I spent more time with my top game Ghost of Tsushima (61 hours). I ended up grabbing the Platinum Trophy in the first days of 2021 — I also spent some more time exploring the Iki Island expansion in 2021. My number two and three games in 2020 both clocked in 43 hours — Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout and Gran Turismo: Sport.


Total Trophies Gained • PlayStation • 2021

Last year, I earned a total of 526 new PlayStation Trophies. That is a 65% increase on trophies from the prior year (179 trophies in 2020). I even got a few Platinums, but I’ll get into that in the next section.

Trophy Cabinet • PlayStation • 2021

PlayStation gave us a nice breakdown with percentages and all for PlayStation Trophies this year. I’m not sure if I actually gained two or three Platinum Trophies though. What I think might have happened is that the Ghost of Tsushima Platinum Trophy was counted twice (PS4 and PS5 versions), since I played the game on both consoles. My second Platinum Trophy was in Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales as I mentioned earlier. I can’t think of any other Platinum Trophies, even though there were a few I was going after until I beat the game and realized there were a lot of trophies still to grab.

The majority of my trophies were Bronze, 406 (77%) — most games happen to have a larger and easier Bronze Trophy list. In 2020, I picked up 146 Bronze Trophies (82%). My Silver Trophies were at the same percentage both years, 15% (78 in 2021 and 27 in 2020). My total Gold Trophy amount rose in number and more than doubled in percentage. I earned 39 (7%) Gold in 2021 and only 6 Gold Trophies (3%) in 2020.

I had a pretty good trophy year, but my new goal is to get some more platinums. I’m a few trophies away in a couple of games, but it’s always hard for me to jump back into a game I already beat and start trophy hunting. Also, there are many games that I start playing and tell myself, Oh, I’m going to Platinum this, only to realize when I’m almost done with the game that I am nowhere near the Platinum Trophy.

Even though my 2021 total hours were officially down by 59%, I know I played way more PlayStation in 2021 (over 2020). In 2020, I spent much more time playing games on my Nintendo Switch. With the addition of my PlayStation 5 in early 2021, I was able to have a PlayStation console at my girlfriend’s apartment and one at home. So, instead of only playing PlayStation on weekends I was able to play most nights. That can be seen by the total days played increasing by over 100.

This has been my 2021 gaming review. Now that I have my PlayStation and Nintendo stats separately, let’s see what I can do better on in 2022. More hours, games played, games beat, trophies… What other stats do you hope for Nintendo, PlayStation and even Xbox to give us in the future?

Feel free to share your gaming hours, stats, top games and everything else in the comments below…

To get your PlayStation Gaming Wrap-up for 2021 follow this link.

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