myVGBC Podcast • Episode 15 • Liam Edwards (Cursed to Golf)

A couple of weeks ago, I had the chance to talk to Liam Edwards, creator and director of the upcoming game Cursed to Golf (from Chuhai Labs and Thunderful Games). Cursed to Golf is a “Golf-Like” where players are forced to make their way out of Golf Purgatory to become a Golf Legend. The game features wild hazards, fun power-ups and more. You can check out the trailer they put together in a few days right here:

Cursed to Golf Announcement Trailer

We talked about many topics in our conversation, including how the game works (mechanics), other golf video games that may have influenced certain creative choices in Cursed to Golf, and the original prototype on — which I went back and played. If you’re interested in Cursed to Golf after seeing the trailer or listening to our conversation I would highly suggest you check out the prototype version before the game releases. I think it’s very cool that we get to play this early build before playing the new and improved game next year.

I was so excited to talk to Liam about the game for two reasons: (1) I love golf video games. I especially enjoy when a different type of golf game comes out, and this seems to be something completely cool and new. The second reason I was excited (2) was due to Liam’s enthusiasm. As I told him during our chat, his enthusiasm and excitement in the game trailer made me reach out to see if I could interview him.

Before becoming a full-time game developer Liam started his journey working long hours at Rockstar Games before deciding to move to Japan. We talked about how Liam started his own podcast (Final Games Podcast) and worked more on the video game journalism side, while teaching English to students when he first arrived in Japan.

I could keep telling you what we talked about, or you can watch the entire episode right here:

myVGBC Podcast • Season 1 Episode 15 • Liam Edwards (Cursed to Golf

Cursed to Golf is coming to PC (via Steam) and Nintendo Switch some time in 2022.

This concludes Season 1 of the myVGBC Podcast. I would like to thank all of my guests for being a part of this first season. The first season included fifteen episodes with different game developers. My goal for 2022 is to first create audio versions of the first season of the myVGBC Podcast.

After that, I will go into Season 2 of the podcast. My goal for Season 2 is to not only interview game developers, but others doing gaming-related work. I also plan to start the actual “video game book club” portion of my podcast, but that will be explained once it happens.

Thank you to anyone who listened to episodes of the myVGBC Podcast Season 1 and I look forward to bringing you more in 2022.

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