myVGBC Podcast • Ep 12 • Leonardo Minozzo (Tetragon)

A few weeks ago I had a chat with Leonardo Minozzo, Executive Producer/Owner at Cafundo Creative Studios in Brazil. We talked about their new game, Tetragon (out now on all platforms). The cool thing about Cafundo is that the studio started out as an animation studio back in 2008. While they did work on some game animation, they were mostly a production service animation company.

It wasn’t until 2017 that the studio decided to create their own game, Tetragon (which released earlier this summer). It was pretty cool to hear Leonardo’s perspective on making games. He talked about how even with indie games you can focus on creating a brand new IP (intellectual property) of your own, which can turn into something bigger. We see this all the time with big AAA games. Why not with the smaller ones?

Tetragon – Launch Trailer

Tetragon is an exciting puzzle-solving adventure with a neat story if you want it. The level design and animations are also on point. It’s very cool how each puzzle bleeds into the next one (as you will see in short gameplay videos that play throughout the interview).

I really enjoyed talking to Leonardo about the game and everything else, and I really hope you enjoy watching (or listening) to this episode of the myVGBC Podcast, which you can watch right here:

myVGBC Podcast • Episode 12 • Leonardo Minozzo (Tetragon)

Tetragon was a really great bedtime puzzler that I was looking for.
The game is out now on Nintendo Switch, Xbox and PlayStation consoles, and PC.

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