PlayStation State of Play 10.27.21

It’s been almost two months since the last pre-recorded PlayStation event. The last event was a PlayStation Showcase that showed off many new and upcoming games. Yesterday, we went back to the smaller PlayStation State of Play format. There were two reasons I didn’t really expect anything huge from this one: (1) we just had that PlayStation Showcase in September, and (2) it was a shorter State of Play.

The presentation ran about 20 minutes featuring more of what’s to come in the near future and in 2022 to both the PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 consoles. And here’s what they had to show:


Deathverse: Let it Die is a multiplayer melee survival combat game. Most State of Plays feature a new “Fortnite Killer” and this is what I thought this was at first. When I say “Fortnite Killer” I mean a game that looks like it’s trying to be the next big online battle game, but none of these are ever really a “Fortnite Killer” because Fortnite was not planned to be this giant Battle Royale from the beginning. It sort of pivoted into Battle Royale and continues to change as time goes on.

Will I give Deathverse a try? From this trailer alone I will give the game a try if it’s a free-to-play game, but who knows with the release date planned for Spring of next year I hope to see more before then. I would like to know more and see what this game is truly about. For now it looks like a silly, fun good time.

Deathverse: Let It Die is coming to PlayStation consoles next year, Spring 2022.

We Are OFK

I’ve never heard of the band OFK, but I think it’s very cool to see a music group create a game about their story. It’s something totally new and different. The trailer was a bit goofy and meta, but I feel like I’m already interested in looking up the band (and I will later today).

Not only is this a story-driven game about how a particular band was formed, it’s also a brand new way to release some new music. I applaud OFK for what they are doing with We are OFK, and I’m excited to hear their music. That could be what actually gets me to buy this game.

We are OFK will release on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 some time in 2022.

BUGSNAX: The Isle of Bigsnax

Jurassic Bugsnax! This new update to Bugsnax adds in some new giant, prehistoric Bugsnax into the game. There are also some new welcome additions, like being able to decorate your tent.

I did not play too much Bugsnax, but I did enjoy what I did play. I love the silliness of this game. The Bugsnax themselves are so goofy and cute. Plus, it’s so fun how most of them just repeat their name over and over in a silly voice — Bunger Bunger Bunger. Since this new expansion is totally FREE for Bugsnax owners I plan to jump back in and check out these giant monster BIGSnax!

The Isle of BIGsnax Free Update is coming in early 2022.


I’m aware that there are many games in the Five Nights at Freddy’s series of games. I’ve always thought of them as childish, spooky games. Games that are kind of scary if you’re a kid or scaredy cat — I fall under the latter category.

Ever since first seeing the trailer for Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach, I instantly thought this looks like a weird, scary type of game. Maybe it’s the upgraded visuals, but this one just looks like something I might enjoy. If I do ever give Five Nights at Freddy’s a chance, I think this one seems to be the place for me to begin.

Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach is coming to PS4 and PS5 on December 16, 2021.


Battle beasts and demigods in Death’s Door, finally coming to Playstation next month! I’ve heard so much great things about this one, plus it totally seems to be my type of game. The art style excites me, along with the gameplay and combat. I’m very excited to finally give this game a try on my PlayStation 5.

Death’s Door will be released on PS4 and PS5 in a little under a month on November 23, 2021.


At the start of this trailer I thought we were about to see PlayStation’s Mario Kart/Crash Team Racing clone. It started off with cute little critters, racing in their little karts. The game seems to be a next-gen style kart racer.

The trailer featured more customization for karts and riders.The tracks are full of crazy obstacles and wild new items to ruin your opponents race. Of course, there are banana peels because every kart racer needs banana peels to slow down the competition. The most exciting part is that KartRider: Drift will be free to play for all!

KartRider: Drift is coming to PS4 in 2022!

You can register for the upcoming beta at

KOF XV: The King of Fighters

King of Fighters has reached it’s 15th iteration. That’s a whole lot of fighting games. The only other franchise I can think of that has made it that far is Final Fantasy.

Fighting games are cool and all, but they aren’t really my style. I enjoy some Super Smash Bros Ultimate mainly in a group setting. The other thing is that most fighting game fans have about one or two fighting games they play. They may try out something new, but they mostly stick to their main fighting game. Even with the release of Super Smash Bros Ultimate, a large community stayed behind playing older iterations (like Brawl and Melee).

KOF XV’s Open Beta is coming to PS4 and PS5 next month. Full release on February 17, 2022.


First Class Trouble is a new online social deduction game in the style of games like Among Us. It’s not just an Among Us copycat though. I do like that there are human characters, and you can either be a Resident or Personoid. A Resident is a true human who might have some objectives to complete. Personoids are robots pretending to be humans who are trying to ruin everything and trick the residents.

I’ve only tried a few rounds of Among Us with friends, but I really like the idea of the game. I don’t know if I may get more into this one for two reasons, (1) the humans vs robots thing looks pretty neat, and (2) it’s coming to PS Plus members for FREE next week.

First Class Trouble arrives Free for PS Plus members both on PlayStation 4 and 5 starting on November 2, 2021.


Star Ocean is another long beloved franchise that I’m not so familiar with. Anytime I see these big Action RPG trailers I think they look cool, but I know if I start playing this game I will never finish it. Although I have been searching for the right RPG or JRPG for me lately, I’m not sure this is it.

The trailer did seem pretty epic though. “At the end of infinite space,” there is a big JRPG! The game seems to feature a big beautiful world full of chaining sceneries and lands to explore. There’s also big monsters, robots and dino fights.

Star Ocean: The Divine Force is coming to PlayStation 4 and 5 in 2022.


We received our first look at Little Devil Inside a few State of Plays ago. After that first look, the team received lots of backlash about it’s character design. The team has since gone back and reanimated the character, and possibly the game a bit too.

This new trailer gave us a bigger sense of the game. There’s some cool diorama elements where the camera zooms out and we see beautiful tiny landscapes and models. The narrator adds a fun touch and seems to possibly guide you in the story. This world is full of land to explore and characters to interact with.

I would say the art style has sort of a Tim Burton style to it. In Little Devil Inside you will fight against giant squid monsters and strange little zombie-like creatures. In combat you will defend yourself with sword and shield. The last bits of information they told us about the game is the survival elements: craft meals and materials, go fishing, create fire to keep warm, cook and camp. All of these elements will add to survival in the game.

Little Devil Inside is coming to PlayStation consoles in 2022.


This wasn’t the best PS State of Play, but it was closer to what I expected. I didn’t expect too many big announcements, we got those in the recent showcase. I was still, as always, hoping for a little more. Or one bigger announcement. The two main highlights for this State of Play to me were getting Death’s Door on PlayStation consoles and seeing some more of Little Devil Inside.

I was a little disappointed that PlayStation didn’t share the biggest news story of yesterday during this PS State of Play. Yesterday, PlayStation finally welcomes Apple Music as an app on the PlayStation dashboard/store. Why is this important? Back when I was a Spotify user I would play background music for my games on the PS4 — mainly games like Madden and FIFA. When I cancelled my Spotify membership and stayed with Apple Music instead that all changed. I could no longer play games with a custom musical soundtrack.

Now that Apple Music is on my PlayStation I can go back to playing random albums, songs, or creating my own fresh playlist for gaming. I’m very excited to add my own custom soundtrack to my favorite games.

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