Forgive Me Father • VGVR (Early Access)

This week I had the chance to play a few hours of Forgive Me Father, a brand new retro-style first-person shooter coming to Steam Early Access today (October 26th). The game brought back that feeling of playing classic first-person shooters on PC, back in the 90s.

We put together a Video Game Video Review (or preview) for Forgive Me Father and you can watch it below. I’ve also provided the video script in case you want to read it instead. I hope you enjoy it and if you’re into those classic FPS games (like DOOM & Duke Nukem) you should definitely give this a try. It totally captures that feeling of those retro games. was provided an early review code for Forgive Me Father. The game is now out on Steam in Early Access.

Forgive Me Father • Video Game Video Review (VGVR) • Early Access Preview

Video Script:

Forgive Me Father is a first-person retro shooter that takes me back to classic PC FPS games like DOOM, Duke Nukem and Wolfenstein. When I started playing this game I was instantly taken back to playing those old school shooters on my friend’s PC back in the day.

Although it’s sometimes cool to see older genres and game franchises get the remake and remaster treatment, it’s also nice to play something new that makes you feel like you are playing those old school games of yesterday (or 20+ years ago).

Making a retro-style game today must be nice because the process can be a lot faster. Another reason is that you can add some mechanics from today into an older retro game and make it work. 

Forgive Me Father has a skill tree in it which may be too advanced for those real old school retro games, but it’s easily implemented into this game today. While making retro games today still may lead to some limitations, it’s nice to see what new discoveries can be made too.

The Madness meter is a welcomed addition to this style of game. The more enemies you kill, the more your meter fills up. As the meter fills you deal more damage.

What really brought me back to classic Duke Nukem was the player avatar on the bottom left corner. It’s just a simple drawing of the main character, however when he takes damage and is low in health the animation changes and he looks beat up. This was something I remember from Duke Nukem back in the day. Seeing his little face change as he lost health.

I love the art direction of this game. Instead of keeping that old, blurry pixelated look we usually see in retro FPS games, Forgive Me Father goes for a hand-drawn style. The charming part is that the enemy characters still move as if they are on a track. The whole thing sort of feels like those old western parlor shooting galleries, where you try to shoot characters moving on a track.

Although I didn’t spend too much time on the lore, there is a great deal of “story” in this game. I do like that they make “story” interactions very obvious so that if you’re not into it you don’t have to waste your time. I enjoy exploring worlds and learning a bit about the lore, so I did click on some story points. The game’s story even features some historical characters, like Thomas Jefferson.

Forgive Me Father is a gory and gruesome game, but because of the hand-drawn art style and old school gameplay it doesn’t feel too over the top. I remember playing DOOM back in the day and thinking I was doing something wrong or evil. Of course, those old DOOM games feel much more tame today.

Forgive Me Father also features some spooky music, making it a good game for this time of the year. I don’t see myself continuing this game and fully beating it, but I do like the idea of having it in my library for anytime I want some old school, retro FPS action.

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