Echo Generation – Video Game Video Review (VGVR)

Recently I was sent an early code for the upcoming title Echo Generation. A title that is out today on Xbox, PC and Xbox Game Pass. Although, I only had the time to give it a few short hours I still have some thoughts on the game. I do wish to continue playing more of this game in the future though.

I didn’t have the best recording set up for the video game video review below, but I did get to say what I wanted to say about this game.

You can watch the video review/preview below or scroll down for the voice over script. Echo Generation is now out on Xbox, PC and Xbox Game Pass.

Echo Generation – Video Game Video Review (VGVR) – PC

Script for VGVR:

I’m still very early into Echo Generation, but I’m really enjoying the game a lot more than I thought I would.

When I first saw screenshots of Echo Generation I had no idea what to expect. In stills, the characters and world looked a bit flat. Like Minecraft meets Roblox meets Lego pixel art style. Playing the game I realized how impressive this simply designed world looks in motion.

Seeing the world in action with the depth of field and retro filters, I noticed the true artistry behind the design direction. Sometimes it takes seeing a game in action to notice what it really is you’re looking at.

The game takes place in Maple Town, where there’s some sort of serial killer on the loose and other strange things are happening. Early on you’ll face boxing racoons, giant rats, killer clowns and more.

Over the past few years I’ve been trying to appreciate more RPGs focused on turn-based combat, which can take many different forms. The combat in this game is not your normal turn-based style of fighting. It adds a precise timing element to battle.

During the attack phase, you must choose an attack and press the correct button or combination of buttons in order to execute the perfect attack. But that’s not all, on defense you’ll have to block at the right moment with the right button. Even doing so doesn’t guarantee zero damage.

In Echo Generation you play as [an unnamed kid] obsessed with sci-fi and horror movies, Dungeons and Dragons, comics and all the geeky things kids can be obsessed with. His little sister, Lily, tags along for the adventure, growing your party to two. At some point I imagine the team will continue to grow, but I’m not that far into the game yet.

Echo Generation may seem like a cute, silly game on the surface, but it’s actually more grown up than it appears. The game features many adult and spooky themes. It has a sort of Stranger Things vibe coming from the music and story, even the kid’s interests — D&D, comics, sci-fi and horror.

The music features very 80’s spooky, synth-heavy tunes. You can even collect secret cassette tapes featuring different songs. There’s some Scooby Doo elements here too, since the kids are noticing some spooky stuff going on about town, but the adults just don’t seem to believe it.

By talking to the townspeople (and animals) you’ll be given objectives and different tasks. It can be a bit overwhelming at times to keep track of which tasks you are currently working on. There’s always a few things you need to find or unlock in order to keep the story moving forward. I did get stuck for a bit, searching for a couple of different items before finding one, then another and unlocking a few new areas on the map.

The world is small and blocked off to start, but I’m excited to see how big the map will get. Money and health treats are scattered all over town early on, but so far I’ve found nowhere to spend my cash. And once I eat a health treat in battle or any time it’s gone forever, even if defeated. While defeated enemies will respawn, treats and items will not.

Fights can get a bit tough, especially when you’re weak and have no treats to gain back any health. The problem is that even after a perfectly executed block an enemy attack will still damage you a great deal. You can however go back and fight easier opponents over and over until you level up and are ready for stronger ones.
Echo Generation is coming to PC, Xbox and Xbox Game Pass on October 21 and I would definitely recommend this game to someone interested in RPGs and beautiful pixel art. It’s also a fun, surprising and intriguing story. I’ve only played through the early part of the game, but I definitely look forward to continuing my journey.

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