Super Meat Boy • Ultimate VG Highlights

Super Meat Boy has been a game which I’ve loved for a long, long time. I first played it on PC and Mac, it was possibly one of my first Steam games owned (I’m going to look that up). Today, I now own it on my main platforms (PC via Steam, PlayStation and Nintendo Switch — I might even have it on my Xbox 360). On each console and platform I’ve started from the beginning, and played until I got stuck. The farthest I’ve gone so far is to World 3 on my Nintendo Switch.

I’m not actually sharing a great achievement video game highlight from Super Meat Boy. Any time you beat a level in Super Meat Boy that’s already a great achievement. Instead, I want to feature the way the game shows you how you beat the level. Instead of only showing your winning run, you get to see all of the Meat Boys you killed along the way. The game shows you all of your runs at once, with you losing Meat Boys as you go.

I’m sure this replay style has been implemented in games before, I just really love how it looks in this game. It’s so cool to watch all of your first Meat Boys drop off and die as one Super Meat Boy makes it to the very end of the level to save Bandage Girl (just for a split second before Dr. Fetus comes and steals her again).

Check out this quick summary of the game’s story below. We have Meat Boy, who is trying to rescue Bandage Girl, but every time you do save her Dr. Fetus comes and takes her away again.

In Super Meat Boy it’s good to die, and the more you die the better your replay will be. So go ahead and die a whole lot. It’s one of those games where you can continuously die run after run, and that’s ok. Since the game is set up to be a speed runner for all (if you want to beat the level in record time), it’s very easy to die over and over again.

Super Meat Boy is now 11 years old (released in 2010), but I still play it like it’s a brand new game. Even though it’s such an old game I love jumping back in from time to time.

Super Meat Boy (2010) – Replay – Falling Down

Check out these highlights of the replay system. Isn’t that fun?

Super Meat Boy – Replay – Escape into Prison
Super Meat Boy – Replay – Blades

Super Meat Boy is a great game to have on your Switch and anywhere else. I find myself jumping back in after being gone for months or years. The game is also not very complicated with it’s control layout, so you can always jump back in and not be lost.

If you don’t own Super Meat Boy I suggest you check it out. Last year, Super Meat Boy Forever was released, but that’s an endless runner and seems a bit different. I’ll probably still end up adding that one to my library too.

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