myVGBC Podcast • Episode 7 • Aaron Oak (art of rally)

I recently had a chat with Aaron Oak, the Creative Producer behind the rally racing game art of rally. art of rally is currently available on PC, Mac and Linux (via Steam, Epic store and GOG). It will be released on consoles very soon (PlayStation, Xbox, Game Pass & Nintendo Switch).

art of rally – Announcement Trailer – Nintendo Switch

art of rally is a stylized rally experience from Dune Casu (creator of Absolute Drift). While the game looks simple and cute, it does take some work to master. Luckily, there are a few different racing classes so you can start slow. There are also over 50 vehicles to choose from. The stages range from short and not-so-hard to the long, dark and difficult. Weather even plays a major role in some of the tougher courses featuring heavy fog, rain, snow and even night time driving where you must rely on your headlights.

During the podcast episode we spoke a lot about Dune creating this game mostly on his own. I also learned about Dune’s commitment to the game and all of his research outside of just creating a game on a computer (like attending rally school). We later went more into Aaron’s life, his influences and his love for rally, drifting and fighting games.

In the past few weeks, I’ve really enjoyed playing art of rally on both PC and Mac (although I had a better time on my PC). However, it wasn’t until I started playing some Absolute Drift that I actually became a better rally racer. While Absolute Drift focuses on drifting, art of rally doesn’t rely as heavily on the technique. It does help to drift around certain corners, but in rally you must also make many slow, clean turns.

You can check out the entire podcast episode and my chat with Aaron right here:

Learn more about art of rally right here

or check out Aaron’s work that we talked about on his website here.

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