myVGBC Podcast: Episode 6: David Bedard (Sweet Baby Inc)

This week’s podcast guest is a little different from previous ones. About two months ago during the Playdate update, they featured Kim Belair (co-founder and CEO of Sweet Baby Inc). Sweet Baby Inc is a black- and queer-owned narrative development company working with both AAA and indie studios around the world based in Montreal. They are also helping out with the roster of games coming to the Playdate.

After the Playdate Update, I looked deeper into Sweet Baby Inc. I learned that they aren’t only a narrative development company helping studios and developers create better stories. Sweet Baby Inc is also helping bring new voices and talent into the games industry by helping newcomers gain real world experience.

I was able to chat with the Creative Operating Officer/Narrative Designer from Sweet Baby Inc, David Bedard. We talked about his love for games, how he studied marketing to be able to work in any industry (ultimately working in games marketing), his path to starting Sweet Baby Inc with Kim and their other partner (Ari), his love for strong narrative games like the Yakuza series and Ghost of Tsushima, storytelling in wrestling and much more.

Check out the video podcast right here:

myVGBC Podcast • Ep 6 • David Bedard (Sweet Baby Inc)

You can learn more about Sweet Baby Inc right here.

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