EA Play Live 2021

This year’s EA Play Live was a bit different from years past. This year there were sort of mini-EA Play events leading up to this main one. Each of the smaller events were focused on one area of gaming. We saw an FPS (First-Person Shooter) event, an EA Originals event and an EA Sports event (focused on the upcoming FIFA and Madden games).

Yesterday, we got to see the main EA Play Live 2021 show, hosted by WWE Superstar and Up Up Down Down podcast host, Xavier Woods (aka Austin Creed). He did a great job bringing the hype on an insanely interactive stage to an empty room. While all of the games may not be my type of games, Xaviar definitely got me interested.

Grid Legends

The event started off with the World Premiere trailer of the new racing game from Codemasters, Grid Legends. I did play some of the last entry in the Grid series while trying out Amazon Luna and it was a pretty fun racing game. It seems like the team has been working hard on this new one, adding all types of new content.

Grid Legends will include an intense story mode (inspired by the F1 games story modes, also by Codemasters). They have added drivers to the game, who seemed like real race car drivers to me during the trailer until they mentioned that they were actually actors. The cinematics were shot in XR, which is how the show The Mandalorian was shot — which is sort of an ever-changing AR (augmented reality) soundstage of the future.

If you watched the Mando series I definitely recommend the “Making of” series on Disney+ to learn more about shooting in XR.

The game will feature all-new race modes and locations along with some crazy new vehicles. We even saw mixed races during the trailer where you can mix all kinds of vehicles (Semi trucks vs buggies vs concept cars and more). As a racing game fan (mainly Gran Turismo Sport), I am willing to give this one a try. I know that Codemasters have created some great racing games (Grid, Dirt and F1 series of games).

Grid Legends is set to release in 2022.

Apex Legends: Emergence

If Apex Legends does one thing right it’s making sick trailers for their upcoming seasons, legends and modes. I don’t play much Apex, but every time I see one of these trailers of what’s coming I re-download the game and jump back in for about a week or so. Their character reveal videos are just as interesting as Overwatch‘s.

I will be watching for the next reveal, because Apex always breaks it up into multiple reveals and previews, to see what Emergence is all about. They mentioned this new season would have ranked modes in the newest game mode from last season, Arenas.

The next gameplay trailer will drop next week 7.26.2021.

Lost in Random

If you pay attention to video game news and events then Lost in Random may be something you’ve already seen earlier this year. Although it was familiar to me from the Tribeca Games Spotlight last month, seeing it on its own made it stand out a bit more.

The trailer began with beautiful cinematics and a sort of stop motion-type gameplay footage. The game is the story of two sisters, Odd and Even. When Odd is taken away by the evil queen, Even has to go on a quest with her new companion, Dicey to find her sister.

This game looks to be a fun and spooky (but not too spooky) time. It features combat, exploration, abilities and dice battles. I also like the inclusion of special ability cards for Dicey. I remember last year during the Summer of Gaming when card battle video games were all the rage.

Lost in Random is coming September 10, 2021 to PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Knockout City: Season 2: Fight at the Movies

When Knockout City was first released I downloaded it on my Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4. There was a free trial session for all. Although it was an enjoyable, silly city-wide dodgeball fight I didn’t really get into it as much as I would have liked to — probably because it’s a good game to play with a friend squad and I mostly play on my own.

Knockout City is definitely taking a page out of the Apex Legends “How to reveal with style” book — building crazy hype. Fight at the Movies looks like a fun time, from the trailer alone. I just hope they’ll bring in enough new content to keep the players in Knockout City for seasons to come.

It seems that Season 2: Fight at the Movies will bring with it some new content including a new movie-themed map, new ball, new skins, new playlists and rewards. Knockout City Season 2: Fight at the Movies drops next week, July 27, 2021.

Battlefield 2042

We’ve seen some sweet Battlefield 2042 footage since the first reveal trailer. I would be more excited to buy this game if it was going to have some kind of campaign mode, but I do like that they are announcing different types of multiplayer modes — including Battlefield: Portal.

When this trailer first started I kind of zoned out. That first reveal earlier this year got me excited to possibly give this Battlefield a chance. When I went back and watched the trailer a second time I noticed that it was for Portal, something new.

Battlefield: Portal is a way for players to build their own custom battle modes, using the modes from the past, present and future. In the trailer alone they showed how you can control everything from the map, to the weapons and vehicles, and possibly the weather.

Although I haven’t gotten into the past few Battlefield games, I’m willing to give this one a try.

Dead Space Remake

I only knew this was Dead Space from hearing people talk about it this week after leaks. I actually wasn’t sure if this was a brand new entry to the Dead Space series or a remake — it’s a remake.

Seeing this makes me think of back when the Mass Effect Legendary Edition was announced. That is another franchise I have always heard great things about, but never given enough time to. I did try out Mass Effect 3 on the Wii U, but it just didn’t feel right.

Both Dead Space Remake and Mass Effect Legendary Edition are two series that I’m excited to see resurrected and I hope I’m able to give them a chance one day.

Overall, I feel that EA Play Live 2021 gave us what I was expecting, in terms of content and quality. I also applaud Xaviar Woods (aka Austin Creed) for his hosting, he made the event that much cooler. It seems like he was also on a Mando-inspired XR stage, with all of the interactiveness.

There’s something special about video games, because even when I’m shown a world premiere or trailer for a game I probably won’t play I still get excited. Not every event has to be a big E3 conference-style event. We also need these smaller events that show a few games, but go in depth a little more.

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