I’m going to E3 Media Week!

Last week, I saw many people who cover games posting about their E3 media registration being approved. It made me think, that’s cool but they’re well-known — or at least sort of known. They write for a major outlet or have some kind of following.

Seeing this got me thinking that I should sign up just to see what happens. So, I did and now I’m going to be a part of E3’s Media Week!

When filling out the E3 Media form I noticed they were looking for people/outlets with big numbers in following, impressions and all of the analytics. I was below the particular threshold they were asking for in most areas, but I did it anyways. If you don’t try you’ll never know.

I did not lie on my form. I simply told the truth and gave the real numbers, hoping (but not thinking) I would get in. Friday morning I woke up to the email above. “Thank you for registering for E3 2021! Your registration has been confirmed, and we look forward to seeing you at the 2021 event.”

I’m not totally sure what this means. It is the first digital-only E3 — and my first time attending an E3 or gaming event as a Media guest. I guess no one really knows what to expect this year, although someone who has attended an E3 in the past might have a better idea.

Although the public events begin Thursday, June 10th, E3 Media Week begins today! Monday, June 7th.

I’m excited to find out what is in store for this week and what I’ll be able to share. I’m guessing there will be some “closed door” gaming events (which I can hopefully access). I also know I will be able to schedule some interviews with different studios and publishers, as long as their available. I am beyond thrilled to bring you some great E3 2021 coverage right here on myVGBC.com this week.

Below you can find a schedule of the public E3 events (graphic created by @saniyaga – IGN freelance designer)

Something good that came out of the pandemic is that we have discovered how to do more digitally. I’ve been able to interview game devs from around the globe. We’ve seen tons of game conferences and panels done remotely. I’m sure once the world opens up again we will continue to see a mix of digital events and in-person ones too.

I would love to go to an actual live gaming conference some time in the future, but since E3 has gone all digital I’m actually able to attend my first big event less than one year since starting my site (myVGBC.com).

I look forward to providing you with some E3 coverage this week and possibly in weeks to come.

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