Five Takeaways from the Overwatch 2 Livestream

This week, Blizzard held an online Overwatch 2 Developer PVP Livestream showing off some new PVP gameplay, new maps and some updates on where Overwatch 2 is currently at. While there’s still no concrete release date (probably some time in 2022), we did get some exciting news.

1 5v5 PVP Modes

Here’s some 5v5 gameplay featuring the new map New York.

While we’ve seen many changes come to the original Overwatch game over these past five years, the main game modes have remained 6v6 — with the current recommended team being made up of two heroes from each class: DAMAGE, SUPPORT and TANK. There was a time when we had ATTACK and DEFENSE classes which were later merged to become DAMAGE.

The biggest change we learned during the Developer livestream was that Overwatch 2 will have 5v5 gameplay. Each team will now be made up of two heroes from each DAMAGE and SUPPORT, but only one single TANK hero. This means that Overwatch 2’s TANK heroes (Winston, D-Va, Roadhog and the others) will most likely see significant changes in their abilities to balance gameplay.


During the livestream we also got a sneak peak at a few new maps. While many Overwatch maps are based on some real world locations (Havana, Hollywood, Paris), there are also many fictional ones (Blizzard World, Junkertown, Horizon Lunar Colony).

The five new maps shown during the livestream were all based on real world locations (New York, Toronto, Rio, Monte Carlo and Rome). They all carry the essence of these locations, with some fictional and futuristic elements.

Overwatch 2 Rio Map, featuring Lucio’s hot and poppin’ Club Sinestesia

Overwatch maps based on the real world are always exciting since they are heavily influenced by real world locations. New York has its interpretation of Grand Central Station. Toronto features Tim Fordson’s (based on Canadian fast food staple, Tim Horton’s). Lucio’s Club Sinestesia can be found in Rio with multi-colored favelas. Monte Carlo sports it’s famous casino along with it’s auto-piloted F1 vehicles and a race track. Rome boasts plenty of beautiful fountains and the Colosseum.

Overwatch 2‘s luxurious Monte Carlo map.

The developer mentioned that in Overwatch 2 the maps won’t be larger, but instead will be more detailed with better layouts. With the technological updates of the past few years and next-gen consoles the Blizzard team will be able to do so much more with these maps. There will be certain areas on maps that suit specific heroes and their abilities.

Check out some concept art posted by the Blizzard team for the newly revealed maps:

3 Current Hero Updates & Changes

While they didn’t show hints of any new heroes yet, we did get to see our favorite current heroes in action. Some receiving new abilities and small changes. Our current heroes will sport their same stylized look, but with more details and minor changes.

Mei’s Endothermic Blaster will continue to slow and damage opponents, but will no longer fully freeze them into immovable statues. Winston will now have a charge shot on his Tesla Cannon. Reinhardt’s Charge will now be able to be cancelled. This is good news since I’ve missed my opponent and charged right off the map many times.

There were also some smaller UI changes I noticed while watching gameplay. While watching some Zenyatta gameplay there were now two small orbs + and on the bottom of the screen showing which heroes you’re healing and hurting. I noticed when watching Lucio gameplay that it was easier to realize who you were healing too.

4 New Modes (Push)

Even though we only saw Push as a new game mode, I bet there will be other new PVP modes in Overwatch 2. In the original Overwatch we received many new modes every few months in the ever-evolving Arcade section (Capture the Flag, Deathmatch, Mystery Heroes).

Push seems to be sort of like moving a payload, but without unlocking it first. And instead of making a vehicle move from checkpoint to checkpoint, your team follows your robot as it pushes a barrier throughout the level. The objective is to get to the end or further than the other team.

Gameplay of new game mode Push in Snowy Toronto in Overwatch 2

5 Big Sound

The sounds of the game (weapons and environment sound FX) were mentioned during the livestream. The developers talked about updating weapon sounds to make them more powerful. Also, the sounds will change based on what area or environment heroes are in. These are all things I’m excited to experience in 3D Audio on my PlayStation 5.

Another big part of the Overwatch universe is the voice acting. Blizzard has done a great job of building a world that fans care so much about. Overwatch voice actors are some of the biggest stars at Cons around the world. The team always makes sure to find great people to voice these characters and give them heart.

It seems like there will be many minor updates to keep the game feeling fresh and familiar, but also like something brand new.

Any Questions?

New Heroes

I’m guessing that Overwatch 2 will start out with our current roster of heroes. I don’t see any reason why any heroes would be kept out of the game. The question I have though is when will we see some new heroes? If the game isn’t coming until 2022, will we get at least one more new hero in Overwatch?

I’m very excited to see what new heroes come to Overwatch 2. There are some newer heroes that I’m still not so familiar with, but anytime a new hero comes to Overwatch I’m very excited to jump back in.

Other Game Modes

I know Blizzard had previously shown some co-op game modes in Overwatch 2, but not too much. I am happy that we got news on PVP modes since that’s what Overwatch is all about. I love Overwatch the way it is, but I’m very excited to learn more about what changes are coming.

Overwatch 2 League (eSports)

I’m not a big fan of eSports, but when they announced that Overwatch 2 game modes would focus on 5v5 I thought of the Overwatch League for a minute. Will there be an Overwatch 2 League or an Overwatch League 2?

I also thought of that one person on each Overwatch League team that might be freaking out seeing this livestream — the second best TANK player who’s about to get benched or released from the team (if there’s an Overwatch 2 League). I don’t think there will be an Overwatch 2 League right away. The game will have to be out for some time for the pros before they can move on to a new league.

I’m extremely excited for the release of Overwatch 2. I love Overwatch and have been playing for the past five years. After watching this livestream I have already jumped back into Overwatch

It’s been such a great game and I love that the team at Blizzard is always keeping it updated with new heroes, game modes and content. Something magical about Overwatch is that no matter how long of a break I take, anytime I jump back into this game a new hero becomes my main.

Just this week I finally learned how to use Sigma.

Killin’ it with Sigma in Overwatch

You can watch the entire Overwatch 2 Developer PVP Livestream right here:

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