Four Switch Demos

After last month’s Nintendo Direct, I decided to download the demo for Project Triangle Strategy. The new Monster Hunter: Rise demo had been sitting on my Switch home screen for a few weeks by now, teasing me. I just hadn’t found the time for it yet. I also found a few more demos on the eShop.

I finally was able to give four of these demos a chance. Below you’ll find my first impressions of each of these four demos. I know that demos aren’t always a full representation of what the final game will be. However, you can usually make a pretty fair assessment on whether or not you’ll enjoy the upcoming game from the demo.


This game was first announced as Gods & Monsters during E3 2019. Ubisoft later renamed it to Immortals Fenyx Rising for legal reasons (something with Monster energy). Even though it still had the bones of Gods & Monsters the name change took away some of the excitement.

Gods & Monsters – E3 Trailer (2019)

Many people called this game a Zelda: Breath of the Wild clone. After giving the demo some play time, it’s not a Breath of the Wild clone. Yes, I do see some similarities in certain mechanics, but this game feels very different. The combat feels like it’s own thing. The parrying system and gliding are different.

I wouldn’t call this a Zelda clone, but it does give me Breath of the Wild vibes. The things that it does borrow from Zelda are done better in Breath of the Wild. So, since I still haven’t beaten Breath of the Wild I feel like playing Immortals would just make me feel bad about neglecting Link for so long. After playing the demo I just feel like getting back to Hyrule.

I have always enjoyed Greek mythology. The writing in Immortals is very silly and fun, which is something we don’t often see with Greek mythology (Hades had fun with the Greek gods, but in a different style). I do look forward to possibly playing through this game one day, probably after I finally finish Zelda: Breath of the Wild (as long as I have some time before the release of BotW: Part II).

Most games are created by gamers who want to make games because they play games. And many games are inspired by other games the creator may have loved (or hated). They may just be trying to perfect their favorite genre, borrowing pieces from some of their favorites. It’s not a bad thing when some mechanic brings on memories from another game. It makes you feel familiar, like you are already have this skill in your toolbelt.

Immortals Fenyx Rising is out right now on every platform (Nintendo Switch, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X, Xbox One, PC & Stadia).


I don’t understand why I just can’t get into the Monster Hunter games. The same thing happened when I tried out Monster Hunter: World on my PS4 one FREE weekend. I feel like I should love these games from the name alone, Monster Hunter. It sounds like an awesome time. Hunting monsters with giant blades and outrageous weapons.

Just like my time in Monster Hunter: World (PS4), I went into battle with a “monster” only to realize that I had no idea what I was doing. I started off fine, I was blocking attacks and landing blows with my giant axe. After a while though I got a little too excited, I went for some bonus attacks and got laid out by the monster (multiple times).

Watch me as I try to figure out what I’m doing in Monster Hunter: Rise

This game comes out later this month and I hope to give this demo another try. It may be time to do research with some “How to play Monster Hunter” videos on YouTube. I guess I’ve always heard that you either love or hate Monster Hunter. And although I don’t think I hate it, I definitely do not love it. But hopefully one day I will at least figure out what I’m doing as a Monster Hunter.

Monster Hunter: Rise releases on the Nintendo Switch in just a few weeks (March 26). It’s the first Monster Hunter game made entirely for the Nintendo Switch.


Fuser was the next demo I tested. I remember first seeing this game and thinking, How will they make being a DJ into a fun game? After playing through the demo (a few times) I realized that they have done a great job at that. In Fuser, you play as a DJ mixing together parts of different songs from all genres to create a sweet set and keep your audience happy.

This game reminds me of the days of Guitar Hero and Rock Band, but not as intense. It’s a more chill out version of the harmonious music games. I can see the DJ sets moving into a more intense level as you move on, but nothing as crazy as Rock Band or Guitar Hero. I remember playing Rock Band at a friend’s party and having to shower when I got home again. Fuser is a great game to throw on the TV for a party and have different people perform DJ sets.

I may purchase this game down the line, when it’s on a super sale and I can get the music packs (DLC) with it on the cheap.
Fuser is out now on Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One and PC.


This game has the same style and look as Octopath Traveler, which was also announced with the working title “Project” Octopath Traveler before just dropping the word “Project” from the name. So, I would guess that this game (another game from Square Enix) will be released as Triangle Strategy.

I want to love this game. I love the art style. I thought the same of Octopath Traveler. I instantly downloaded that demo too, only to find out that I had no idea what to do. Or there was just too much going on in that game. Although these two games look alike in art-style the combat and gameplay are very different. While Octopath Traveler was an RPG this is a tactical RPG, which to me just means that the style of battle is different.

Watch me try to figure out how to build a “triangle strategy”

Project Triangle Strategy Debut Demo starts you out at some point in the middle of the game. Maybe that is why it was a bit too complicated for me. You control way too many characters in battle, and there’s even more enemy characters around you. Sometimes I don’t want so much story from my games, I just want to get in there and do some battle.

Seeing the trailer and reading the battle tutorial got me excited for this game. Battles revolve around positioning and initiate (like in D&D). This is why I thought I would love this game. I guess one main problem in the battle was that I was controlling nine different characters. That’s an insane number of characters to battle with.

I also feel that the characters have to talk too much and there’s way too much going on with the story. I don’t know if starting the game from the beginning would help understand the story better, or at least get me more interested in it. For now, I felt like there were just way too many people trying to tell their stories and I may never become familiar with any of them.

Project Triangle Strategy (or whatever name they come up with) is scheduled to release some time in 2022.

There are always more demos to try. The thing with Demos is — Yes, sometimes I do enjoy them, but I may also realize I won’t give the full game the amount of time and attention it will demand. You can find out more about my thoughts on game demos right here: A History of Game Demos (According to Me).

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