Welcome to Ferdington (an Animal Crossing Photo Journey)

Animal Crossing was definitely my most played game in 2020, and I have continued to visit my island most days in 2021. I’ve said this before but this is my first ever experience with an Animal Crossing game (other than a few minutes with Animal Crossing Pocket Camp on my iPhone).

I’m currently working on a few articles that aren’t quite ready to post just yet. So, I decided to take a break from our normally scheduled programming to give you a closer look into the Isle of Ferdington (aka my island in Animal Crossing). I’ve compiled a photo gallery with some of my favorite moments from this past year in Animal Crossing New Horizons. And without further ado, let’s relive some of the amazing moments on Ferdington:

Cosplay Party

The custom design center on my Nook Phone is great! I had some fun creating a few quick shirt, sign and poster designs before I realized that the internet is full of great Animal Crossing designs. I searched forums for some outfits and filled my inventory rather quickly.

On Ferdington, cosplay is sort of a big deal to some of the residents. Lionel the Lion was always dressed as a great monarch. I enjoy hitting up Lionel with some costumes I’ve found on the great old internet. Above you can catch some of my favorite cosplay costumes:

(1) Iron Man hoodie – I grabbed some red pants, gold glasses and sneakers, but now I have robot shoes and a goatee to make this outfit even better. (2) Jedi Robes – I wish I had a lightsaber type object, perhaps a wand might work. (3) Marty McFly – I took this photo in my little music room in the beginning before I got too many instruments and had to upgrade (you’ll see…). (4) Spider-Man hoodie – It goes great with blue or red pants and some sneakers. I don’t have a Spider-Man mask, but at least I was able to hide my face with this mask.

I have many other costumes and designs today, but these are just some of the ones I photographed early on. You may see some other cosplay in the photos to come…

Dino Island

After collecting every single fossil for my man Blathers and the Ferdington Museum, the fossils just kept on showing up. At first, I would assess them and sell them to the Nooks. They were my big bell makers. Then, I thought up a new plan. I decided to begin collecting fossils until I built out entire creatures, from there I found spots around my island to display them. Dinos are some of the coolest things in Animal Crossing New Horizons and you shouldn’t have to go visit the museum just to see them.

I now have multiple Dinos and creatures scattered across Ferdington. I’m most proud of this T-Rex in a cage. I was able to cage it by myself right in front of my seasonal pumpkin patch which is no longer around. But, Bertha the T-Rex is there to stay and only her surroundings will change.

Two Kings Meet

This was a very important day for the citizens of Ferdington. This was the day that two great leaders met. Ferdi, the great king of Ferdington and the current President of the United States of America, Joe Biden. After our quick meeting and photo op, I stuck around but was denied entry into the house of Joe (aka The White House). I thought he would at least invite me in for some coffee or tea. Anyway, I still had a great time on Joe’s island.

Ferdington Amphitheater

This is the new music area I was talking about earlier. Ferdington has it’s own personal amphitheater. It’s one of the areas I’m most proud of. Artists and bands from all around the world are invited to come and perform for the villagers of Ferdington. So, far the only bands to perform have been all projects by Ferdi. (Skully on the Drums, FerDJ and a up-and-coming two man band you will see later on). We are in the process of booking more visitors.

For inquiries please contact Isabelle in our main office.

Merry Christmas Victor

I haven’t had many visitors to the Isle of Ferdington, but this was a magical day. My nephew came to visit me and I had set up a whole area of Christmas gifts just for him. I even dressed up as two of his favorite characters: Woody from Toy Story and Santa Claus. He mostly demanded money, which some of these bags were full of, but he also received a few gifts in these bags (some good some duds).

Server Room

My server room is probably the most unique thing I built on my island. Some of my projects (basketball court, soccer/futbol field, concert amphitheater) were inspired by other islanders and projects I had seen online. The server room in my basement was something I thought of doing after purchasing one server. I collected and sold turnips to complete this project.

Sure, my girlfriend and some people think it’s strange, but as the King of Ferdington I am the one who provides the internet for all of my residents. I just want to be safe and make sure no one has any outage or data problems. I am also proud to report that Ferdington has received a rating of A+ by the Happy Home Academy (for internet service only of course, my home d├ęcor is still at an S).

Happy Halloween!

Halloween was an exciting time in Animal Crossing. It brought pumpkins and costumes. Of course, I now have so many pumpkins with no idea of what to do with them. I’ve sold a few, but still have a large amount in storage. I can use them in recipes although there aren’t so many recipes using pumpkins that I haven’t put together yet.

In pictures 2-4 you’ll see my Halloween 2020 costumes. I started off as PanDracula (aka Pandemic Dracula) the vampire who’s afraid of COVID. I also dressed up as Party Skully, and played a concert that night in the Ferdington amphitheater. Once Party Skully’s set was done I became ZomDJ and played another set on the 1s and 2s.

D&D/Boardgame Room

Recently I turned my bathroom into a brand new D&D and board game room for when friends come over to play games. Because who uses their bathroom in Animal Crossing? I may just hide a toilet behind a wall or something for emergencies (like eating too many fruits). So far, I’ve had zero guests use my new gaming room but it is relatively new. Also, I realized that only two of the six people in my D&D group actually have an island in Animal Crossing (and one of those people is me).

Ferdi Fish n’ Q

I was very proud the day that I opened my new beachside restaurant, Ferdi Fish n’ Q. It’s the best place on Ferdington for a Mahi Mahi grilled sandwich and some smoked seabass (because that’s all I catch these days!). We also serve the freshest fruits (Oranges, Pears, Apples, Cherries and Coconuts) straight off our trees.

For reservation inquiries please contact Isabelle in guest services.

Meeting KK

Beating Animal Crossing was fun, because it brought KK Slider to my island to play a show for us. Now, I get to party with my good friend, KK weekly. It’s too bad he only plays small shows these days and won’t play a show on the mainstage at Ferdington amphitheater. He prefers the intimate setting of the town square.

Visitors Welcome

I love the citizens of Ferdington but sometimes they are a bit needy: “Help me find my notebook!” “I’m sick bring me some medicine.” “I think I want to leave Ferdington.” Are just some of the messages I’ve received from my villagers. It’s always nice when a friend comes to visit. They actually appreciate what you’ve done with your island, unlike some ungrateful villagers (that’s why you no longer live on Ferdington, Wendy!).

Here’s some shots from when my buddy Nero came to town from his island. We had a great time hanging on the beach, working out, visiting the Ferdington server room and jamming out together on the big stage.

Check out my buddy Nero streaming on Twitch right here @NeroNegronGames

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Christmas time brought a whole slew of updates to the game. We got new items, snow boys, costumes and a ton of snow. I believe I started to slow down with my Animal Crossing obsession up until there was snow. Since we don’t get much snow in Miami (zero snow actually), it was nice to visit a wintery place during the holiday season.

I also set up a wonderful New Years party, although the first day of 2021 did start off a bit slow for some of us (too much sparkling cider…).

Creepy Peepy

This spooky area was built on the edge of my island to keep the creepy monsters away. It works sort of like a scarecrow but for monsters instead. It’s just a tiny garden gnome reading to three spooky dolls. Why do I have a shovel in my hand? Perhaps there were more creepy dolls or gnomes at some point…

Super Bowl Party for One

This year I threw my first Super Bowl party (in Animal Crossing), the problem was that no one really cared. I also didn’t really care. I only watched about half of the Super Bowl. I was just in it for the snacks and we had some good snacks…


I will continue to spend time in Animal Crossing New Horizons. I don’t know when it will end for me. I’m not sure if this has gone on longer than it should have because of the pandemic, but with all of the constant updates and events I see myself playing Animal Crossing for the foreseeable future, and that’s fine. It truly is a relaxing game to go into and do some chores in the morning or before bed. It’s nice to visit the store and check out what’s new.

The way I play has changed though. For a while I was collecting my turnips on Sundays and looking for a way to sell them for big money (usually on the Turnip Exchange online). I made my millions of bells and now I’ve retired from the turnip game, knowing that I can jump back in any time for a week or two to raise some more bells, if needed. I used to visit daily, now I’m down to a few times a week. Just enough to clean up the weeds and keep the roaches away.

In all seriousness, Animal Crossing is a magical game that definitely saved many of us from boredom or worse last year, and has continued to keep us entertained. This game isn’t for everyone, and that’s ok. Normally, this type of game wouldn’t be for me either. I have tried other games in this style (Stardew Valley, The Sims) and not gotten into them, but this one happened to come out at the perfect time.

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