My 2020 Gaming Stats

This week Playstation released our 2020 Gaming Wrap-Ups. Now it’s time to finally compare my gaming stats between my Nintendo Switch (released in the end of 2020) and my Playstation 4. It took Playstation a month to put this whole thing together which I think is fine.

The only reason it felt like a long wait is because Nintendo released their stats during the last week of the year. This means that the last week of 2020 was not accounted for in their stats. What if I actually got some big numbers that last week? What if my top games would have changed? Did their fiscal gaming year begin at the end of 2019? So many questions.

I don’t think I will receive a PC gaming report for 2020, but I would guess that I played a total of less than 10 hours on my PC so that’s fine with me. Below you will find some of the info that Nintendo and Playstation sent me in their wrap-ups. Please enjoy…


When combined I clocked in just over 2,000 hours of total gaming in 2020. That’s about 23% of my year spent playing video games. That could very much be true, but I’m pretty sure I did more gaming on my Switch than on my PS4 in 2020. This means that the Playstation “hours of gameplay” must also include my hours watching YouTube during work.

My Nintendo email also included some of my 2019 stats for comparison and my total hours played from the previous year was 248. I tripled that number in 2020, which is understandable during a pandemic and playing lots of Nintendo Switch with my girlfriend.

Playstation informed me that 98% of my gaming hours were spent on local (non-online) gaming, while only 29 of those hours were spent playing online with friends and strangers. This can’t be true though, because it later said that I spent 43 hours in Fall Guys which is an entirely online game (and that’s not the only online game I played).

Playstation also should have included some previous year stats to compare.

Number of Games Played

In 2020, I played a total of 45 games on my Playstation 4 Pro and 64 on my Nintendo Switch. I don’t think I would call it “playing” for some of these games. I’m sure I “tried” or even “tested” many games on this list for less than an hour. I do tend to download games and game trials to try them out and delete them again. In total I played 109 games on both consoles, and I’m there was some overlap with games like Fortnite, Overwatch, The Binding of Isaac and a few others.

I only beat around 10 games during 2020. So when compared to the 109 games I played throughout the year I only had about a 9% completion rate. If you want to learn more about the games I did beat in 2020, check out The Games I Beat in 2020.


Of these top 8 games played on both consoles Gran Turismo Sport was also one of my top games in 2019. In fact, I’m pretty sure it was my top Playstation game played that year. None of my Nintendo Switch top games were repeats from 2019. My 2019 top games on Switch were Crypt of the Necrodancer, The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening, Super Smash Brothers Ultimate, Xenoblade Chronicles 2 and Steamworld Heist.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons definitely owned the “hours played” category by a whole lot — like it did. for many of you. I’m now at 295 hours in Animal Crossing so I definitely clocked in over 250 of those in 2020. I think I gained almost 100 hours in both Rocket League and Splatoon 2 (with my girlfriend, including nights when I would leave my Switch with her so she could play Splatoon 2). Of my Top Switch Games Played, Animal Crossing was the only one that my girlfriend wasn’t a part of. It also made up about 25% of my gaming hours on Switch.

Sadly I did not beat Ghost of Tsushima in 2020, but I did finally beat the game (and gain my second ever platinum trophy) in the first days of 2021. So, I did beat most of it in 2020 but I happened to save the last few things for 2021. I’ve had so much fun playing Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout since it’s release and I will continue to play it more and more. Overwatch has been in my top games played on Playstation since 2016. Now I split my Overwatch hours between Switch and PS4.

These next three sections are the ones specific to each console.

I guess this means that there were only 139 days that I did not play my PS4 during 2020. That would mean I only played my PS4 on about 2/3 of the days in the year. Especially if they’re counting the hours I watched YouTube in these stats I would say that I definitely use my PS4 almost every day.

Nintendo did not disclose my number of days played, but my days played on Nintendo Switch would definitely be higher than 226. I do play it almost every night before going to bed (while in bed). Even if it’s just for a few minutes.

I’m sure that many gamers had this same type of bell curve in their gaming hours in 2020. January and February were your normal gaming hours, but once the lockdown hit everything went up — by a lot. Then Animal Crossing: New Horizons was released in March. The hours began to rise.

In the final months it slowed down a bit with the holidays and watching Christmas movies and Cult documentaries (our new holiday-time rituals).

I can’t think of a special reason why Saturday, July 25 would be the day we played the most Switch. I would be curious to see how many hours were played that day.

Playstation did tell me that Tuesday afternoons were my top gaming day of the week on Playstation and I don’t really understand why.


I saved this part for the end, the 2020 Playstation Trophy list. It is the most important part for some. I’m saddened by the fact that I didn’t get my Ghost of Tsushima Platinum Trophy until four days into 2021. I would have loved to have a Platinum Trophy in 2020 and an even 180 trophies.

I’m pretty sure my Spider-Man trophy was earned in 2019, so it would have been neat to obtain one in 2020 and begin a trend of at least one platinum each year. I already have my 2021 platinum, but since I did beat 99% of Ghost of Tsushima in 2020 I would love to grab at least one more Platinum Trophy in 2021.


This has been my gaming year in review for 2020. I’m happy Playstation finally gave us this info. I look forward to seeing what happens in 2021, even though I will most likely get my Playstation 5 some time during this year. Maybe I’ll end up with three separate emails for 2021 stats.

Feel free to share your gaming hours, stats, top games and everything else in the comments below…

EDIT: To get your personal Playstation Wrap-Up, follow this link to the PS Blog.

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