My Love for GT Sport

Gran Turismo Sport has been in my game rotation for at least two years now. This isn’t my first Gran Turismo game. Back in the days of PS2 I owned Gran Turismo 3: A-Spec and I remember putting in many hours behind the wheel (I didn’t own a driving wheel or anything, I’m just saying that I played a lot of that one too).

In 2018, some friends and I became fans of Formula 1 (Thanks to the Netflix F1 docuseries Drive to Survive). We even ended up going to Austin, Texas last year for the American Grand Prix, which was an awesome time! Since last year I’ve woken up early many Sundays to watch F1 races (and sometimes on Saturdays to watch the Qualifying). Last weekend, I even went to bed early to wake up by 5 am to watch the race in Turkey.

Whenever I decided to become an F1 fan I also decided to add GT Sport to my PS4 library (I may have also been slightly influenced by the game being on sale, also I had tried it out a few times at a friend’s house). I may have bought the game before I became an F1 fan, but F1 definitely had me playing this game more and more. Any F1 race weekend I find myself driving that track in GT Sport all week, if it’s available in the game. It’s funny that my friend and I both love GT Sport in totally different ways: I have been trying to get first place in every campaign mode race, while he mostly races online with strangers.

In the online world there are rules, rules that don’t really exist against the CPU. Rules like respecting the track limits, not bumping into other players and other common racing practices. In the online world breaking these rules could result in a penalty of a few seconds or even cause you an acceleration penalty in a high speed zone. Against the CPU no one cares. And this is why I mostly stick to the campaign mode.

MY GT SPORT HABITS: Most nights I drive a long race, or two to three shorter ones just to get my “Daily Mileage” and unlock a new car. It’s GT Sport’s version of “loot boxes.” This version of Loot boxes feels fine and safe to me, because you’re able to unlock a car just by driving about 20-30 miles each day (I’m not sure if the mileage per day has been increasing the more I play and level up). You also unlock GT Sport Cash along the way by completing races and challenges. You could throw down real money for certain things in GT Sport, but I’m pretty sure you can unlock everything by playing the game and using in-game currency. So, I think the system is fine.

I hope you enjoy this video of the final lap of a recent campaign mode race I completed in Dragon Tail – Seaside. I decided to upload this one because yes, I ended up winning the race on the last turn (it’s one of my best GT Sport highlights). However, if this were an online race, some would maybe say I broke the rules. I would have possibly been awarded a penalty of a few seconds, knocking me back to second place (or even third) since I only won by 0.273 of a second.

But this is campaign mode, so the win counts and that guy also may have attempted to knock me out earlier in the race. I do not have video evidence of this, but there are many times where the CPU drivers end up knocking you off of the track. And if they aren’t penalized for it then it’s just good, old-fashioned revenge.

Please enjoy this clip and drive safely out there (virtually and realistically)…

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